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   Feb 17

Peace. Time Out

I’d nap, but that’d take effort. Sore back, sore throat, cabin fever kids. I love them all so dearly, but lets take a break. Everyone. Go. To. Your. Room. Just. For. Ten. Minutes. Mama wants to close her eyes. Just. For. Ten. Minutes. When you come out, my dear children. Play quietly together. That is […]

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   Feb 16

A Room With A View

This post was planned while all of my children were napping. I have a picture of them each curled up tucked in wherever they chose to hunker down. Willie nestled up in a corner of the couch with the fire turned on (it was only on for like 5 minutes, Daddy), A.J and Cath asleep […]

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   Feb 14

Izahic: An Update

“Africa 5” is under structural readjustments in how their adoption plan works. The child of the month for February is no longer available for adoption until an unknown future if ever date. Some programs never reopen. The children are considered On Hold and their funds will stay with them, future announcement pending–this closure is a […]

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   Feb 12

It’s Worth the Time

My life has always been the sort that time slips by. I grab at it but it’s as thin as sad on a hot day. Micromanagement is something that I have not captured in my now 29 years and really don’t know if I want it. I would love my life to look like yours […]

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   Feb 11

Birthday Launch!

Plus Baby Bram. He’s a little guy living an Eastern European orphanage. There is no information available about which orphanage he lives in, but he is alive and needing a family. I’m praying today on my happy birthday and one week before my own daughter turns 2, that 2 is Bram’s last as an orphan. […]

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