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Peace. Time Out

Monday, February 17th, 2014

I’d nap, but that’d take effort. Sore back, sore throat, cabin fever kids. I love them all so dearly, but lets take a break. Everyone. Go. To. Your. Room. Just. For. Ten. Minutes.

Mama wants to close her eyes. Just. For. Ten. Minutes.

When you come out, my dear children. Play quietly together. That is all.

UPDATE: So I decided to take that ten minutes and sent the children to their rooms telling them that they could come out when a beeper went off that I set in the kitchen. I admit that it was to my surprise that they listened. Unfortunately for me, it was one of those naps from which I wake feeling so many times worse. I could hardly move for aches and my throat felt so swollen that I could barely squeak. It was time to make dinner, but hardly able to stand and with a pounding headache it was all I was able to do to get to the kitchen.
I got a bag of pizza pockets out of the freezer and a thing of apple sauce. I offered that as their only food option. Two out of four kids wanted it and as I looked helplessly around I realized that tomorrow is school and I need kids clean. When in need call mom. And so I did.

My mama never fails to show up when I’m incapacitated. She’s seen my most embarrassing moments, including two labors. She cleaned up the kids and took care of everything that I needed done.

There was one thing that I missed. I should have had A.J put to bed rather than left to hang out in my room.

11pm Willie woke up and went to the kitchen. He filled a bowl with like an inch and a half of chocolate syrup and got a glass of buttermilk. He set them both on his bed and went to the living room to get a stuffed toy that he wanted in bed with him. Hearing him move around A.J came out of my room and got into his food while he was down the stairs. Was his heart ever broken over this. Chocolate and buttermilk everywhere.

My head was pounding and my bones aching but I was able to sit up then stand and get across the hall to see what had happened. Sticky baby and frantic preschooler. He said that he hated her for wrecking his “special recipe” and she was equally tearful saying “ea!! ea!!” I guided her to the kitchen for some dry cereal, when I came back Willie was sprawled out clinging to his sticky stuffed animal which was covered in baby wipes that he’d used to try to fix up the mess. I felt like a terrible person for not … I’m not sure what.

cira 2008

cira 2008

May I say my mom was terrific for coming over.
I know she was tired and had a nice quiet evening planned. Sometimes a gal just has a 29 year old daughter who can’t handle her own children. Willie and A.J are asleep now and incredibly their noise did not wake up the school kids. Here’s just to hoping that everyone will wake healthy and happy. Deeds was telling me that his ear was itchy and did stay home from church on Sunday. Illness is so unfair!

It does fill me with a lovely high level of appreciation for health and nice people though. My nurse husband is home now, it’s wonderful security having him around.

When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars.

PS: Tomorrow’s A.J’s second birthday and I don’t have a cake! Life never stands still around there; there’s always something that needs doing.

A Room With A View

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

This post was planned while all of my children were napping. I have a picture of them each curled up tucked in wherever they chose to hunker down. Willie nestled up in a corner of the couch with the fire turned on (it was only on for like 5 minutes, Daddy), A.J and Cath asleep in our bed holding hands snuggled in my quilt. It was just above freezing today, with rain and wind that we don’t want to be out in.

It’s 11pm now, my day has been full of it’s usual congestion including the sore throats that the kids have developed over the past two days. They have mild coughs and short attention spans.

We started our day off by Breakfast By Daddy, a new tradition in this house and ended it with tomato soup and grill cheese supper at, bedtime was an hour late but we should be OK.

Aside from being adorable napping this afternoon while I did laundry and blogged on my other site they made farms out of play dough. I’ve told them no blending colors, so their method was to get it out of it’s containers (we have four colors) roll out the dough with a rolling pin and use cookie cutters to make the shapes of animals. They’d have those be families, march them around on the tabletop a bit then roll them up again and make another assortment of animals.

Everyone has decided that they are anti-pictures so if they notice me sneaking pictures in the fun is ruined and joke’s on me. Exception is Deeds who wants to capture everything on camera that he thinks is awesome, even if it’s a page in a story book to show someone he knows is on Facebook.

…Again, if I knew where my camera connecter cord was.

While I write this I’m remembering a post that I can’t even find anymore of where I take a picture of my laptop open in the kitchen/dining room where I blogged in our Edward Jones place that we rented for a year. It was a great entry but has been mushed together with everything else in here. I’d have to remember the month and year and narrow down from there. While I was pawing though stuff I found one of my entries that is just a series of photos of my son being cute with very few words as captions. I got six comments! That would make my day, friends. Before the times of social networking addiction when all I had was this. I still do think it would be nice to have a few notes in my comment section.

A room with a view. Maybe my room is too cluttered now for there to be a view anymore. I do still love the moments that I have. This is a post that I could have written today Messy Mommy. That bowl is still in our cupboard. I now give babies tomato soup out of a bowl with a straw though; less mess! My kids have never been bib wearers, so I just accommodate and plan on having an evening spent in the laundry room with a regular oxiclean soak set up for whichever pieces need it.

Speaking of OxiClean. Funny story that involves poop. Want it? Comment below, baby. The view is all to vivid.

….Searching through my photos databased on this computer that I could poop. Um, I mean pop, in here…none of my kids, but here’s the finished post and a link off to another post that I wrote earlier today.

Good night, room.

Izahic: An Update

Friday, February 14th, 2014

“Africa 5” is under structural readjustments in how their adoption plan works. The child of the month for February is no longer available for adoption until an unknown future if ever date. Some programs never reopen. The children are considered On Hold and their funds will stay with them, future announcement pending–this closure is a surprise as far as I know. I am deeply saddened by this news, he is still there and still needs a family; when his name is typed in to the website an error message comes up. In his country there is little to no chance of adoption–who would want a blind and deaf child? God be with you, sweet boy.

Check out 1000 Monkey’s Jumping On the Bed where I will be doing my orphan and adoption related postings now. I believe it appropriate that I post this news here as I introduced Izahic here only a week or so ago.

Also another child in Ukraine has died, one nearly home. The website is not working for me now, so you’ll have to take my word for it. The mama blogs. I’d record it here now, and later will write an entry in his honor on my other site. Please visit.

It’s Worth the Time

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

My life has always been the sort that time slips by. I grab at it but it’s as thin as sad on a hot day. Micromanagement is something that I have not captured in my now 29 years and really don’t know if I want it. I would love my life to look like yours does, mom who is OCD over her house, but that’s not me. What I do love is making the time to do things that mean something to others.

Today I want to talk about volunteering at my children’s school. Once a week since the very first week of school I have been in for the whole morning on Wednesdays. My son loves having me there; in fact the first day the teacher told him that I could not come back if he kept asking to hold my hand. I thought in the moment that that was a little much, but sure enough the next time the flow of those 3 hours went much smoother. We sat together at lunch and played at recess. Surprisingly to me, it doesn’t matter to my kids if I’m stuck in the copy room the whole while that I expected to be in class, they’d rather that than that I were not there. It’s worth the time.


Alternating weeks I sit with my daughter at lunch and of course I hang out with both of them and talk to all of their little friends at recess. It’s precious to be wanted in this way in my children’s lives at this point. Being realistic I know that eventually we will come to the time in their life where they do not want me around as they are more independent. I will be that home base when they need it, forever.

We just had our 100th day of school here at the local elementary school and Friday is both children’s Valentines Day class parties. They have filled out 22 cards each, have boxes of chocolates for their teachers and bags of candy to share with the class. Darren and I wont be able to go to the class parties as some of the other parents do because of other things going on; but I must say again, how much I appreciate the kids desire to have us there.

It’s worth the time. They wont be in 1st and Kindergarten ever again. With two more to go through these grades, there’s that opportunity to feel that there is one and two more opportunities to do better and to be more involved, but this is the shot of these oldest.

I’m volunteering an extra day in my daughter’s class tomorrow, an effort to make up for not coming on the official class party day–I hope she’s surprised and glad to have me there. Closing this post feeling self centered? Not really. I rush my kids so much often in their mornings that seeing them in their daily work is a refresh that they’re getting through their business just fine–it’s useful all the way around for us to keep focus on what we need to do to be the best learners that we can be.

Again with the slippery sand and the non-micromanagement! It’s worth the time is my subject line also because as I head off for my time at school I think of the other things that I could be doing. Guess what. My laundry waits.

Up tonight on Family Warrior Program: The Klarr family’s story. They still need someone to come along side them in this program. Consider joining them and learn more here

Birthday Launch!

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Plus Baby Bram. He’s a little guy living an Eastern European orphanage. There is no information available about which orphanage he lives in, but he is alive and needing a family. I’m praying today on my happy birthday and one week before my own daughter turns 2, that 2 is Bram’s last as an orphan.

Bram the Birthday Boy

Bram the Birthday Boy

It’s 2:16 and my gift to myself is a little time alone to sit and write while A.J naps.
My morning was relaxing with the kids before school, I tried to get through the afternoon housework to have these two hours which I’ll use to polish up my new blog and write this entry.
Over the past little while I’ve been voicing excitement over a new program called the Family Warrior Project where individuals can sign up to follow and help fundraise for families who are going through the adoption process to bring home a special needs child from overseas.

I have been anxiously awaiting Keegan‘s family reaching the New Commitments page so that I can participate in this new program with them. Their adoption will cost $25 to 30K, the length is usually around a year but in cases it is sped up quite a bit for medical reasons, or on the other hand, delayed for medical reasons.
Anything could happen, especially when we are dealing with special needs which is the situation with all of these kids.
It was a couple of mornings ago that I realized that I never really asked God if this was what I was meant to do, maybe He does want me to Family Warrior for Keegan’s family. I also see advocating for the other families, instead of isolating on one, which is the purpose of the program. I will talk further with Keegan’s adoptive mama.

At any rate, I am launching a new blog to follow the Family Warriors and needs of adopting families.

The new site is called Family Warrior Program: Everyone’s Story the blog URL is
Visit that and add it to your blogroll.

I have put in the simplest interface that I could find in an effort to focus as exclusively as I can in families stories. I will begin with highlighting children’s stories who are February birthdays as this is my daughter and my month also.

Today is my birthday actually. I’m 29. Whatever happened to 19?! I wish I knew where that picture of my twin and I was. It was a great evening, the last one together before everyone started leaving home.

Today I want to write on here about Bram from Eastern Europe. His fund went from zero to $22.50 in December when I mentioned him on the official Facebook page. There are plenty of kids of course who deserve recognition, more than ever the audience that I will reach. Let me give you as quickly as I can the reasons that I chose Bram especially to celebrate in February. Bram is the Birthday Boy! I don’t know the exact date of his birthday, but he is two this month. I don’t know if someone is getting him out of his crib with a special birthday hug on one special day this month. If I could, I’d give him a snuggle and hope for a smile. Some of these children do get visitors; perhaps he only looks so despondent because he was woken from a nap for his picture to be taken?

Please, if you know someone who could adopt a little boy like Bram do not hesitate to share him. Debbie(at)reecesrainbow(dot)org for more information on how to begin the process of bringing home this darling young man. Happy birthday, Bram baby. May this be your last alone. You’re 2!
Bram does not have a family committed to adopt him yet, his profile is found under Other Angels Boys, 0-5. Where he has a fund open for donations, ultimately 22K will fully fund an adoption for him.

As for the Launch!! It’s our first two stories will be on young children coming home from Eastern Europe and will be written shortly.