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Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

So. It’s the middle of January. What have you done?

I’m doing what I always do. Keeping up with my kids, needing tomorrow to finish today’s To Do list and feeling that there’s something missing.

Darren and I are so blessed! We’ve made it across the country, and are actually coming up on 10 years of marriage. The children are growing and while we have our points in which we see such room for improvement, we have every day opportunity for thankfulness.

The gusto of new years ambitions are waning and the reality of true success being keeping consistency what already works has strongly set in. I’ve dropped the direct marketing company “It Works” as it was not working for me. I broke in tears when I didn’t get people to sign under me to receive the companies products. I think my husband saw how ridiculous that was before I did. Making my way posting graphics of peoples bellies under toned then in better shape just really isn’t what I want the majority of my postings to be across social media. That said, however, I have not ceased to imagine that I may find my place in direct marketing.
Whatever I do, I have to make sure that my energy is first to my family and then to business.

There are always kids to get up, dress, feed, get out of the house, house to clean and kids to feed again and to put to bed. I need to fill my time with something awesome that helps people live a happier life and I’d love for that to extend beyond me. Why? Because there’s nothing healthy about a life that begins and ends with me.


Saturday, January 3rd, 2015


I’d love to use this through my daily blogging but probably wont. Posting it anyway! Seems like a fantastic idea! I know I’d visit a blog or FB page that had such light hearted and predictable writing and images. Cheers.

Blog Goals

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

I honestly can’t believe it’s 2015. We started together in May 2005, right. We’ve been counting up to this year day by day even in the months that I haven’t come to you each night. I feel like an unmade bed when I don’t come to my dear at least in some place in my heart as this dashboard has been here at every major or minor turn in my life since the biggest switch that I went through: Engagement.

th9COGRXU1 You’ve seen my highs and my lows. You’ve seen love, loss, commitment and fractured attachments. You’ve seen death and birth. Closure and renewal. I’ve sat in different chairs, stood when there wasn’t any. Pressed delete, update and “Save Draft” and thankfully reached “Publish” well over a thousand times, which is a few thousand slight of where I ought to be for true faithfulness. Dear friend, never for a moment were you forgotten. The journal with no last page, no judgments and forever forgiveness. I’m not going anywhere, maybe my audience is, as my departure isn’t announced, nor does thunder come from heaven when I return.

2015 is here. That means I’ve breathed in and out for 365 days over 10 years worth. Gone to sleep and woken again. I’ve leveled up and down on meds, lost and gained weight 60lbs over 4 times, lived in 6 homes, 7 if you count the Econo Lodge where we were for a week, I did a number of blog posts there to keep myself going. Our first place was in Otego NY, Our second was in Townsend VT, our third and fourth in Brattleboro VT, and now to where we’ve lived for coming 6 years next month, Nooksack WA. I’m really going to have to link each of those locations to the pictures of the houses, just to show how nicely God’s brought us along. We’ve had a dog, two cats, three birds and two rabbits. Two children on the east coast and two on the west coast. The rest is just social stuff that brings our spirits apart and closer together again. That’s called growth, right.

Today is January 2nd 2015 and as I’m looking around my present life and glancing back at yesterdays I’m choosing my ambitions. I know from personal experience time and time again that God frequently tells me that he has a different path. All the same, I have has some sort of measure of the ways that I want to take because I know that He would not have me sit and wait for nothing but the destruction of the Earth. With those bleak words, on with it!


I want to post a three picture short story antidote from the day based on my children. This year they’re going to be 9 (third grade) 7 (2nd grade) 6 (Kindergarten) and 3 years old (Preschool). At some point I decided to call them Deeder, Cath, Willie and AJ. The first two are names the kids are called in real life, the middle two are me having a paranoid day at some point due to someone having the idea that my writing might embarrass the children later.
Reality: My name is all over here as is the name of my husband, so if people know the children’s parents names and have half the mind required to realize a life timeline they’d connect who is who. Anyway, I took the time to go back and make changes at that moment of uncertainty so I’m sticking with that.

1. Three new photos a day at least, with a short story. At least once a week.
I want to talk too about my personal ambitions lightly, and not over shadowing personal life.

I have another blog called 1000 Little Monkeys which features my cause, advocating for overseas orphans and families who are going for them. The current families are the Johnsons from ND, bringing home a little boy from Eastern Europe. A family bringing home a preschooler from China, a little girl in Haiti, and a baby in Ukraine. If any of that interests you, please visit 1000 Little Monkeys!
2. My husband and I talk from time to time about him wanting to retire someday and what my role will be. Will we switch to him sweeping floors, wiping counters, cleaning bathrooms and folding laundry while I do a 9 to 5 job outside in the wide wide world of education?
Somehow I dipped my nose in direct marketing and there was just a fascination for me. All to readily I signed up. Those adventures should be categorized where? The calendar in the hall will keep track of my team calls and parties (hopefully, right?!) and somewhere I have to keep a business website. I need to figure that out and get fluid in my patterns.

3. The umbrella for one and two. ORGANIZATION. What I already have: God and husband and kids. I volunteer once a week at school, keep cleaning going all day, and have to work around the kids while actually things done. DONT SAY IT CAN’T BE DONE BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW THAT!
I’m 30 next month and have to be growing up.

So what do I have? A camera that works, so I can take pictures of what’s going on around me. I have a computer to write with and organize my business, and as many hours in the day and night that everyone else has. Lets get rocking!

Visit my websites: Jewelry in Candles, Steeped Tea, It Works Global, Endless Xpressions. Why so many? Because I couldn’t decide? Yes. I so very much wanted to join Damsel in Defense also, but that would simply be too much. I realize that I will have to narrow down this list, just knowing my general life pattern. So far I’m memorizing their back offices, going through the online trainings and trying to get written in the team calls (NOTE TO SELF: People don’t all live in the same time zone)

It’s time to put the wet clothes in the dryer and fold the dry ones. Plus I’m sorting out closets too. When I’m back I have to create some FB business launch parties. New year, new ambitions and I so want to rock this.