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   Jan 21

Right here.

So. It’s the middle of January. What have you done? I’m doing what I always do. Keeping up with my kids, needing tomorrow to finish today’s To Do list and feeling that there’s something missing. Darren and I are so blessed! We’ve made it across the country, and are actually coming up on 10 years […]

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   Jan 03


I’d love to use this through my daily blogging but probably wont. Posting it anyway! Seems like a fantastic idea! I know I’d visit a blog or FB page that had such light hearted and predictable writing and images. Cheers.

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   Jan 02

Blog Goals

I honestly can’t believe it’s 2015. We started together in May 2005, right. We’ve been counting up to this year day by day even in the months that I haven’t come to you each night. I feel like an unmade bed when I don’t come to my dear oraeley.com at least in some place in […]

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