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Willie’s “Creation of Food”

Monday, August 31st, 2015

DSCN0927My second son loves arranging things in an artistic form and asking for a photo to be taken. Actually as I’m writing this, I’m wondering if his vegetable sandwich introduction photos ought to be combined with the seaweed wrap instruction video that he had me make this past Tuesday. What do you think, reader?

DSCN0930Yesterday afternoon he did something new: cut up fruit and vegetables, butter some bread and stick it all together in a structure that he imagined when he saw the food for free at church. Darren was originally not going to let Willie pick some up, think that we ought to leave some for other members, but when I pointed out the vast amount available he changed his mild and let this little guy grab a bag and make a selection.

DSCN0929Willie took two bushels of grapes, one small cucumber, 5 cherry tomatoes, touched the summer squash but decided, “My car wont need those.” I found it quite marvelous how in one second he could go from crying on the church lawn to walking back into the church in quiet order, picking out a bag and selecting a bag with an idea on what his project would be.

Cath and AJ also picked out grapes, choosing between purple and green, which they snacked on during our commute home, and promptly put in the refrigerator on our arrival home. They planned to share at dinner with our meal and perhaps share the bounty with our pet rabbits the following morning if any of the sweet treats remain.

We do have a, “You make it, you eat it.” rule applying to edible stuff like honey on tuna, as a terrific example.
DSCN0931While I don’t flaunt that before a project such as this starts, I do remind once they’re letting me know that the final touches are coming on, or when a combo is announced that I’m pretty sure they’re unlikely to practically desire.
Food isn’t just for fun, it’s for eating–in a perfect world the two shall meet.
Here’s my gorgeous guy and again, his food that was consumed in full.

Also, that seaweed post will be coming up super soon.

Oh! Happy Monday. AND. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful youngest sister, and one of our favorite aunties. Thanks for all that you do and for blessing so many people. May you have an amazing year.

Windy Wonders

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

DSCN0922We got an unrequested media cleanse yesterday afternoon extending into the evening, through the night, morning and had no power until our return home from church this Sunday afternoon.
Saturday I thought it’d be fun to go outside have them dance around and take some pictures.

DSCN0919Of course they didn’t want to be within my scope of vision at the same time so ended up forming a weird only-because-you-say-so style line up, but then a big ball blew into the yard and livened things up a bit while my battery was dying. At least I captured some moments of glee on their faces, you can see the fun spunk in these small people in a few frames here.

DSCN0918 This one has to stay, because Deeder thought he ought to “hide behind this branch” then he looked at his toes and said, “Whoa, I’m tall.” he laughed a little, tried sitting then followed my instruction to come out and be with the other kids. And is he ever right! This son of mine has really grown over the summer. Just 22 months between him and Cath, and he’s already so tall. Perhaps he’ll be tall like my brothers one day?

Deeder, Cath, Willie and AJ have not experienced a power outage of this length. They had to dress, eat, bathe and get to sleep without electricity. DSCN0920Turns out, getting to sleep without nightlights is just as scary as mama said it might be, huh, Cath? She was the only one who kept herself up long enough to experience fright for lack of light!
Entertaining themselves without electricity, what a good adventure! In theory they thought it’d be fun, but when that usual TV time would come around, or they would want to play a computer game, despite knowing that there was no power they would still try to click the power button a number of times.
We made it though. Darren and I were so surprised to make it out the door two minutes ahead of time this morning for church. I think that without the distractions of media, getting things done really comes quicker.

DSCN0923It’s 5pm. Right now we’d be competing with the natural light, racing to clean up our living spaces in order to not trip over things during sleep hours. We’d be in bed in one to two hours. (IT WAS AWESOME!)

The key to morning success was laying clothes out the night before, which we often do anyway, waking early, and just working fast. My dad came over to make coffee on his camp stove, how great is that, btw?? Thanks, Dad, I love you.

Now for the pictures of the ball that blew into our yard. The best one we’ve gotten yet. Every wind storm brings us one. I got a couple good snaps of this bad boy before the kids set him free. I tell the children that if they don’t release toys back into the wild that reach our yard, one of their things of equal value will mysteriously disappear. It’s the unwritten language of karma.

DSCN0924Thank you, God, for this media cleanse. We needed it.
Now to catch up on laundry and get back into our electricity dependent lifestyle.
Tomorrow: Open house at school for Willie, Cath, and Deeder. Onward and upward! A.J’s first day of Preschool will be a couple weeks into the other children’s first month of school. Darren and I have no doubt that she’ll have a fantastic time.

Willie’s rockin’ on to Kindergarten, Cath’s gunna jam right on through the 2nd grade, and we’re hoping that our dear Deeder’s going to really thrive in third grade. As for AJ: Just crossing our fingers that she picks up further language development than what she’s done at home, while at school. The teachers do a wonderful job, I know them both personally and admire their work.

Here’s that ball video clip:

(our grass is greener than this in the middle of winter. it’s been so unusually dry this season)

Shipped In Sand

Friday, August 28th, 2015

DSCN0874This evening was lovely. My husband, my four beautiful children and a still calm evening that wasn’t too hot.

School will be starting so soon, making these times even that much more precious. There’s plenty of room for walking, which we have enjoyed quite a bit in the past, but with Darren being so tired from his late shifts and a couple of the children complaining of stomach ills it worked to just stay near the play area and sit enjoying this time of fresh air and conversation.

I love the smiles, and the colors in the sky. I’m up a little later than I’d like to be right now, but I want to share a few of these memories while the house is in that peaceful place of minds softly away in slumberland.

(excuse my voice in the video, I’m fully aware that I sound choppy)

Last summer, or maybe the one before that, this spot was a huge construction zone blocked off from the rest of the Boulevard. The project?

Carving part of the natural grassy and rock ledge away to meet the bay in a smoother fashion and ship in some sand. Next time we come I’ll remember to bring a pail and spade for my children.
In the meantime, empty cups work just fine.

DSCN0865DSCN0866This cutie? Yep. She’s mine! That’s the darling AJ. She wouldn’t stop for a picture with mama as did her older sister and big brother, Deeder, but I think these two snaps of her enjoying her water capture that precocious personality just fine! With the purchase of two coffees I got four ice waters, which turned out to be the perfect sand scoopers. In these pictures AJ’s showing step one of preparing a plastic cup for what turned out to be it’s chief purpose. What fun for my little doll. While here she also enjoyed playing with a group of children using a bubble blower machine. It didn’t matter to her that she’d never met the children before, she was just interested in what they were doing and thought she’d go ahead and join in. Being the cute ragamuffin she is, that plan was flawless.


DSCN0860Hanging back at the picnic bench by the coffee shop were these two good lookin men: Deeder and Daddy Darren. I made sure to get over there and get a selfie with each to help remember the moment.
When I headed back down to where the other three kids were the guys followed me and did end up getting some of that shipped in sand on their shoes and feet (Deeder left his shoes at home by mistake) thus joining in on the evening’s fun.




After that we the afternoon’s light pretty quickly as the sunshine turned into sunset.

Shipped in sand can be so much fun, enjoyed with people who are here to talk with and just to walk with and simply pass the time. Time held is memories made. Thanks for being there for us, shipped in sand.

Yes, that’s a castle made out of one 12oz plastic cup as a form and some sticks and rocks. Nice work, Cath…as long as you love it!

Say It Again

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

There were places in my life where I felt like today was the same as yesterday, which meant that Today wasn’t worth sitting down to write about. Certainly then if anyone were reading, they had just absorbed the message in the previous setting and wouldn’t want to hear it said again.
When I brought this thought to my brother who created my blog, his answer helped me not only over that moment, but form what keeps me going through the motions of writing to a place where I really really enjoy being here, and can even turn around and appreciate that I came years later.
Part of being a stay at home mom is walking the line of living either in a rut or routine, which is all a mind set. “So? Just write it again.” he said. I like that.

While the day may feel like the one before, or just be something I’m not sure how to write, I’m a little more developed spiritually even than I was 24 hours ago, which ought to give me broader range of perspective from wherever those emotions originate.

Those I love who are my subjects of writing, have also grown, even if they are just in plain view and in the same routine that they were last week, and most likely will exist within tomorrow, it’s worth recording because the small detail of today I might want to go back for as I remember writing about it, so far this is true of my children’s baby days. In the moments of months that made of their infancy everything seemed slow motion, now they’re in school and with the hands of time unable to be turned back, I’m thankful I took time after they were in bed to write a quick couple sentences and put in a photo.

091e68243d51f0ac191c241ec3ae2b6cToday I was with the same people that I was yesterday. What we did today was clothes and grocery shopping, that alone could be a blog post talking about the beginning of school quickly approaching.

Not new, but further developing: the fires in our state continued to burn as they did yesterday, which I haven’t written about.

Washington, that is usually thought of as one of the wettest states, is dry and in flames. In our county it’s just a big breath of smoke tainted air that looks like a heavy haze from neighboring counties fires, and while we mourn for families and businesses who have taken tremendous loses, we praise the Lord that we still have our home and are unharmed thus far, continually looking to see rain and the containment of these flames that we just are not set up to handle.

Say it again. The Lord provides. Food, shelter, love and kindness.

Everything we have today, tomorrow and in the future is an undeserved gift. Carry on, bless others and cherish the ones around you even if they do take you for granted as you may have done towards them. Sometimes routine creates unthankful hearts, don’t let that be you. Those are the thoughts that I close my day with. I want a clean heart, I want to rejoice in goodness and the mercies of the Lord.

10270475_10202070633087803_6024215199937974299_nI was always told to be faithful in little things. That’s why it’s OK to write about a day, even if it feels like it’s the same thing that I may have said yesterday.

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Phl 4:8

When I feel weak, just crushed by life it’s important to remember that above all responsibilities, is love. If I don’t have the spirit of love to give and to receive, all of my actions are for naught.
So, say it again.

Shared Spaces

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

As families grow, their houses evolve, and while for us that hasn’t meant expanding the kitchen or building a spa and sauna area out back, the indoor arrangements have shifted a bit since we bought the house, brand new in 2009.
See those first pictures, here.


I’ve wanted to do a post about how much I love my personal space, but when I started taking a few snaps noticing that the walls are quite a bit emptier than I think of them, I found myself even more excited that my dad will soon be bringing over shelves to add to this room.

Currently I have a table that holds a desk top computer and printer. My day revolves around keeping my whole house going, and at the end of that day I get to come here where I enjoy writing my blog posts and visiting with my Facebook friends. I upload my quick pictures from daily life and it just puts a nice finish on my evening.


My office also does double duty as a quiet zone when a child needs a time away, with a large chair in one corner of the room and an empty desk for writing…you can see those things actually in the reflection on my computer monitor in this picture.

Right now I’m think if my birthday were coming up I’d ask if I could pain this room! A good color change up to the walls would be fantastic, maybe even a wallpaper.

DSCN0823Across the hall from my office is my bedroom.

Which, somewhere between 2 and 4pm, turns into a nap room for myself and youngest daughter, AJ.

The wall that I face in my office has an oil painting of Darren and I that my talented and beautiful sister, Kayla, did and gifted to us on our wedding nearly ten years ago.

Around that I hope to hang a bunch of vintage family photos that my mom recently gave me, framed, after sorting through the family basement. I’m excited to have pictures that were around the house when I was growing up, soon to be displayed in my special room.

future picture wall, and my computer spot.

future picture wall

This space was originally planned to be the boys room, but with it so close to the girls, separated with just a wall. In that set up I wasn’t able to work bedtime efficiently, it ended up being too much chaos management time rather than relaxation. The noise level between the two was overwhelming with the kids back to back, now separated by a whole floor rather than just divided by one wall works so much better, and as they get older and can do even more for themselves than at this point in time I hope that moving the boys downstairs will just continue to be a great choice.

Right now half of the guys clothes are still stored upstairs in my office while we wait for a closet area to be added to the basement.

Since we bought our house in 2009, we’ve done little bits of changes as time permitted. With children, just picking up and the day to day keeps us busy.

Fun fact: Searching “New House” on this blog gets you a 2007 post which is full of pictures from a home upwards from 80 year old that we lived in back in Vermont. See that here

My office’s original inhabitant: Deeder!