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   Aug 31

Willie’s “Creation of Food”

My second son loves arranging things in an artistic form and asking for a photo to be taken. Actually as I’m writing this, I’m wondering if his vegetable sandwich introduction photos ought to be combined with the seaweed wrap instruction video that he had me make this past Tuesday. What do you think, reader? Yesterday […]

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   Aug 30

Windy Wonders

We got an unrequested media cleanse yesterday afternoon extending into the evening, through the night, morning and had no power until our return home from church this Sunday afternoon. Saturday I thought it’d be fun to go outside have them dance around and take some pictures. Of course they didn’t want to be within my […]

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   Aug 28

Shipped In Sand

This evening was lovely. My husband, my four beautiful children and a still calm evening that wasn’t too hot. School will be starting so soon, making these times even that much more precious. There’s plenty of room for walking, which we have enjoyed quite a bit in the past, but with Darren being so tired […]

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   Aug 26

Say It Again

There were places in my life where I felt like today was the same as yesterday, which meant that Today wasn’t worth sitting down to write about. Certainly then if anyone were reading, they had just absorbed the message in the previous setting and wouldn’t want to hear it said again. When I brought this […]

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   Aug 25

Shared Spaces

As families grow, their houses evolve, and while for us that hasn’t meant expanding the kitchen or building a spa and sauna area out back, the indoor arrangements have shifted a bit since we bought the house, brand new in 2009. See those first pictures, here. I’ve wanted to do a post about how much […]

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