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Alone Time

Friday, October 30th, 2015


There may be all sorts of plans for when the world stops spinning with schedules. But when that calm finally hits the drive to get those tasks that have been waiting to be taken up during the calm sometimes sit untended. Can I just stay in my slippers and cuddle with my baby a bit longer? Solace is jewel, pausing peace is priceless. I’ll take it, just for another moment.

Food for the Soul

Monday, October 26th, 2015

2015-10-24 16.42.24

There’s nothing better than holding a baby to bring a smile to my heart. Saturday I got to hold the little boy who celebrated his first birthday in August, what a special day that was. Little Richard Alan reminds me so much of my oldest son years back.

Becoming Simple.

Sunday, October 18th, 2015


Slowly I’m gaining my old composure. I crave basic, to remember what I can keep close and love lastlingly. It’s wonderful.

Farm Time

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

We visited a family farm this past week to pick out a pumpkin, and ended up with a bag of potatoes and a squash as well. There were organized games, none of which my children ended up staying with as they’d just lived through a whole Thursday of school and were pretty spent up on social compliance. It was an awesome little outing, in which I wanted to express both thanks for hospitality and vast apology for being who we are: the ruckus crew that I really do not hold 100% control over!
As imperfect as this crew is, they did manage to pick up a good arm load of happy memories and are chattering on yet about the excitement they had. I got a picture of them meeting Cookie the goat, and obviously showing off the coloring they did on the pumpkin and squash once home.


This Wednesday after school venture was a drive out to another fam, this one a home to over 100 rabbits living “colony style” meaning running around under the shade of a tremendous evergreen tree, hopping in the mud, with hacked open squash to eat, corn husks and a few tall piles of lettuce. The fencing wasn’t high, the rabbits didn’t have names and they looked as happy as could be just living quite care free. We were there looking for a housing companion to take the physical space of our darling rabbit Billy Jo who just passed away. We chose a faw colored doe who the lady estimates to be under one year old. This rabbit is a cross between New Zealand and Flemish Giant. She’s a pretty girl, and will now be known as Sugar Buns. Currently Sugar Buns is living in my office in a dog kennel which we’ve filled with Timothy hay, some feed and veggies and a fresh bowl of water. She’s named for my first rabbit, Sug Sug, who was a Holland lop and just an absolute dear friend in early childhood.

Anyway. Farm Time. In an alter ego, I could so be that farmer lady walking around in a big yellow rain coat with a tremendous herd of rabbits, goats, chickens and whatever else was out there.

Bye, Bunny

Monday, October 5th, 2015

billy-the-bunny-019-448x336The first pet that I brought home to this address died today, seven years after we brought her home. While I didn’t spend hours in the rabbit pen stroking her fur and talking to her daily over the years, I did feed her and our other rabbit, make sure they got plenty of exercise and kept them living in a comfortable temperature during the hot and cold seasons. Billy Jo lived a comfortable seven years with us, totaling 9 to 10 years of age. She was the good bunny between the two rabbits: the one who would stay near the cage when the door between their run and the rest of the yard was left open instead of going to the other neighbors yard and risking losing her life to a dog or some other unknown danger.

190d7d5fff73cc5fc2c001579c0b7a0bHow interesting that the rabbit that lived carefully, ever a silky coat and a healthy appetite, ever ready to be held when given the opportunity would be the first to die. When she was a house bunny she didn’t get in trouble. She knew who her people were and just enjoying being who she was. I’ll miss my sweet Billy Jo, and hope to find another sweet bunny to fill that place in our family.

This neat graphic found on pinterest comes with the caption:

Hare is a lunar animal, attribute of all moon deities; as closely connected with the moon, it represents rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection, intuition, and ‘light in darkness’.

That’s dang awesome! She’s begun the tradition of having a Flemish giant here, and it’d be great if we could get another…perhaps in her honor. Billy Jo is gone, but not forgotten.

As I’m writing good things that I did to help the rabbits be comfortable, actually it’s half truths. My hubby reinforced the pen to make it more more escape proof with each time the bunnies would jump over or dig under the fencing. It was he that bought the feed, paid for the spaying a neutering and the vet bill too for when they got some sort of skin situation that they both lost fur in bald patches three or four years back. The bunnies are family pets, the first two living things that we cast our concern on when planning our family vacation. Who will watch the bunnies?! As time has gone by we’ve acquired more pets, and come to have a number of house plants as well…because a house isn’t a home until it has animal hair and plants in it, in addition to the human inhabitants, or that’s how I see it anyway.

Good bye, Billy Jo. We’ll miss you so much.