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   Nov 25

Thankful Time!

2015. I’m not where to categorize you in the 30 years God’s carried me through. It’s been a prayer journey in which I’ve just been filled with such feeling of guidance, been thrown insane curve balls and been whirled around to find myself in the same place. As we’re at Thanksgiving and siblings are coming […]

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   Nov 20

Breath, Speak, Love

Morning’s do stress me out. There. I admit it. If you live with me, most mornings you know this more certainly that others…be you one of the three or four that I’m getting ready to leave the door on time, or the one who needs to sleep through it in preparation for his day. Yesterday […]

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   Nov 18

More time?

With 3 of my children in school full time I thought I’d have more of a space in my life for writing, but the truth is I haven’t become more organized in a way that I launch out from Save Draft to Publish as much writing as I’d like. Truth: I’d rather keep to myself […]

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   Nov 13

Rut and Routine

I’ve been brought to Luke 19:17 by my mother in earlier days when I felt that I was going through times where my efforts were unseen. She’d say that God saw what I was doing, and although we don’t believe that salvation is gained by good works, God would see me and smile on my […]

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   Nov 11

Focus Factor

This is AJ. She’ll be 4 in February. She’s such a smartie, but doesn’t talk. AJ has just had her sixth speech therapy session and already is gaining the ability to make some consonant and vowel connections, that actually come out with incredible clarity to the point that she’s been taught thus far. It’s more […]

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