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   Dec 30

In A Couple Days

Today Willie got a haircut, tomorrow Deeder’ll get a bit spiffier as well–later in the afternoon it’ll be my turn to freshen up. The girls are sure they’re wanting to grow their hair and presently are staying firm to not wanting an appointment to go and polish up their look. On the appointment cards for […]

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   Dec 19

Another Day

Thursday actual snow flakes were coming down when we got to preschool to pick AJ up early from preschool to head out to a church member’s funeral. As ought to be expected in the pacific north west those flakes melted into a mushy sleet on the ground by the time we were finished with our […]

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   Dec 18

Winter Break!

I have these four home for two whole weeks, baby! When they’re back to school the year will be 2016. I cannot believe it!! This picture was taken 2012 in the winter when AJ was probably a matter of weeks old. Maybe even under a month judging by her size. Well, and everyone’s size. They’ve […]

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   Dec 16

Remember Me

I’m so in love with everyone in my life, but already as I get older I’m seeing people in my life die and wishing I’d had one last chance to exchange greeting and laugh together. The truth is, no one really expects a real ending. There’s no perfect time for a forever good bye. Just […]

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   Dec 15

Dial Up

My access to the World Wide Web was closed down for like 8 hours straight, at least 6. Here and there I’d sit down and disconnect reconnect and click click click despite knowing that my efforts were somehow futile. There’s a twisted karma surrounding the high speed internet connection that we enjoy through Comcast. When […]

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