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   Feb 20

Snuggle Day

Saturday. The plan was to go bowling with family, but AJ woke up sick. She and I and Cath stayed home, and instead of whipping the house into shape and getting in another couple things that need doing we cuddled up in my bed and fell asleep for two hours. Now 2pm, we’re still in […]

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   Feb 13

Missing Out?

My time away from Facebook is really freeing up my time. It’s really true that I didn’t know how much time I was spending in front of that blue and white page until I stopped. It’s terrific, but I do miss the mindless scrolling. It’s nice to be able to place in one photo or […]

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   Feb 05

Less is More

That’s me, with the button down shirt without a jacket. I’m seriously needing to lose some weight and I only really think about it when I’m getting ready to go out. Home is my comfort zone and it’s beyond about time to commit to fit, not just for looks but for over all health. It’s […]

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