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Snuggle Day

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

4cf5189f810add5c5b5b5fa7d311e8ccSaturday. The plan was to go bowling with family, but AJ woke up sick. She and I and Cath stayed home, and instead of whipping the house into shape and getting in another couple things that need doing we cuddled up in my bed and fell asleep for two hours. Now 2pm, we’re still in our sweats and reconciled fully to a schedule free stay cozy do nothing day.

Outdoors the wind is whirling and the rain is coming down. We’re thankful for a safe comfortable place to do whatever needs to be done, and the leniency at the moment to not do things where we have the room for it, of course.

As I type these lines the girls are in their room reading books and playing with AJ’s new doll and other birthday presents from AJ’s recent birthday party. This is a good day! YES. My baby did just turn four. It’s fantastic. We’re so proud of how far our little girl has come in many elements of early childhood development.

Missing Out?

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

bc357dd022a26448ea519c24232349f3My time away from Facebook is really freeing up my time. It’s really true that I didn’t know how much time I was spending in front of that blue and white page until I stopped. It’s terrific, but I do miss the mindless scrolling. It’s nice to be able to place in one photo or one quote and see likes build up and maybe a comment indicating that someone finds a snapshot from my perspective in common or humorous, with 500 “Friends” I’m sure to always have someone place a thumbs up. Without that piece of social media chewing into my day, comforting or not, I’m spending my time in quite satisfying ways.

For example, while my husband was out grocery shopping (how lucky am I?!?!?!) instead of plopping down on the computer to zone out into what other people are posting on Facebook I put away two loads of laundry and got in a six minute sprint on the Bowflex and did a 20 minute exercise routine.

I am missing people, but know that if they want to talk they can call me. Instead of getting 400 birthday wishes over the computer I got 3 phone calls and loved a dinner out with my local family. My children are in bed, those who aren’t asleep are reading. This is peace. I guess I do have to admit that I’m trying to step back in time to a simpler world where I just did house work and made good meals every day rather than thinking so much about what other people are doing and saying. The kids and I are talking, laughing and interacting…we were before, of course, but with little changes happening for me I hope they’ll follow suit and spend less time on the Internet.

The weather’s getting nice (still a lot of rain, it is Washington after all) with the temperatures being into the 40’s I’ve been out weeding and even got the grass mowed once already. What fun!

Organizing is happening, and what a glorious thing that is. I’m to bed earlier and thus more useful during the day.
The best way to start is just to begin. While this might all sound small, it really is just that much of a break in what I’ve been doing that is enough to unleash a new level of room to be better for myself and anyone else who is around to appreciate it which includes some pretty amazing people!

Less is More

Friday, February 5th, 2016

2016-01-10 17.34.41That’s me, with the button down shirt without a jacket. I’m seriously needing to lose some weight and I only really think about it when I’m getting ready to go out. Home is my comfort zone and it’s beyond about time to commit to fit, not just for looks but for over all health. It’s absolutely one thing to say and another to do. Beginning step: I just cancelled my facebook account to cut back on the time that I spend sitting. The more I’m up and about the more I’ll get done.

I’m going to utilize to help me keep track of myself.
My biggest enemy getting started right off is appetite. I don’t seem to have the discipline to have a no eat time cut off line that I can consistently hold to. Anyway, I need to get this done. Game on.