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   Nov 27

Nearly December

Well October zoomed by! It’s December 27. This month I subbed a week at an elementary school and this Friday begin a week at the high school where I’ll work for a para educator who I haven’t met before. This month also begins my adventure of homeschooling Diederick. Busy times! I hardly keep up with […]

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   Nov 10

One Click

Yipes. The fewest words can mean the most. The smallest searches can yield the most meaningful results. Staying in pajamas rather than getting dressed first thing in the morning can change the whole outcome of a day. Reading a scripture verse that means a lot to me rather than thirty minutes trying to find the […]

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   Nov 03

Nov 3: Is It Bedtime Yet?

I’m rounding into hour 36 of my current fast and have to admit to being a little on the grumpy side! Which obviously is totally unfair to my kids, but really I totally wouldn’t mind if the clock said 9 rather than 7:12. Nine is weekend bedtime, they deserve extra play time. Play means loud […]

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   Nov 02

Nov 2: Living on the Fast Track

It’s been nearly six years since I had a baby. Year after year I (and at least a million other Americans) put “Lose Weight” on my New Years Resolution list. This year I did, and not aiming for the next January, rather for my birthday. Then after that my goal would be to hold the […]

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   Nov 01

Nov 1, 2017: Because

So it’s November. I said I’d blog every day in November, so here I am!! Today I… Put in an order for some of my favorite teas, because it’s certainly the season to have a warm mug of tea in my hands all day every day. :) Rumor has it that we’ll have a dusting […]

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