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   May 19

Early Sunkisses

It’s not June yet so I have not purchased sunscreen. The mornings are still chilly enough to send the kids to school in sweatshirts. As you can see though in this picture, we do have sunshine! I took this photo last Saturday when I temp rose to 75F–while the day was mostly overcast AJ and […]

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   May 16

Happy 50th birthday, babe!

Happy birthday to my man! We’re still going strong, and while I believe the shirts we bought for you and the cards the kids drew are awesome…I really believe the gifts that are the best of all are the ones that we made together. I hope that you’d agree, and that your year is amazing, […]

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   May 15

Don’t Stop

I wrote a post September 3rd, 2005 that I’d like this to be a Part 2 for. My heart is broken, but not as broken as it could be, looking at that post because while it’s all true, I feel uncomfortable to one of the people who agreed with me is dead–his life was cut […]

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   May 14


I’ve decided I’ll come back. :) Yes, really. No apologies for being gone so long, just daily writings again. To begin with: Updating the About Us pages. Everything’s written probably around 2015. While the people remain the same who are the subjects of my writings are the same, we’ve grown up so much. Today is […]

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