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   Jun 16

Tony Chestnut

I’m sorry to tell you this, buddy… Today’s the day that you died. Thank you for being my boy. I really appreciate it, I do. Just writing this my throat is tightening and my eyes are beginning to water. If you were here you’d be jumping up on my lap, purring and trying to nudge […]

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   Jun 10

I want to be…

I grow tired of talking about myself. Yesterday’s writing left me feeling sad, and that’s not what I like. That being said, it’s not coming down. Quite often a blank page such as this is the best place to get out rusty old feelings in a way that allows them a certain ambiguity. Today was […]

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   Jun 09

Three In One

I want to talk tonight about how we can have many people inside of us. Not like a multiple personality disorder, but more like character traits that are brought out depending on the situation in which we walk into. Everyone has roles to fill in life. For my children, that could easily be divided into […]

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   Jun 05

Just Over that Hill

I have lived in this safe spot for a really long time. When I’m not here, I miss it. Not this house specifically, but this valley, nearly my whole life. Here is the view off my back porch, one step outside the door, pretty much my view year around. I think of my nature as […]

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   Jun 04

Photo A Day Plan

I keep emailing myself a photo with the subject line of whatever I’d like the blog post to be about. Because, reality is that I cannot sit down and write a post in the moment I’m thinking of. Even more reality, sometimes I never reach my desk top computer at all in the space of […]

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