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MRI, and Results, In One Day

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Hello! Well, the results of that test are in, and I just can’t believe it. I am fairly sure that once upon a time I’d have to wait in suspense a couple weeks to hear back, and now I can just check my health portal online to view photos of my scans and read explanations from the doctors.

The conclusion doesn’t satisfy me at all, in fact it brought me to immediate tears of disappointment. While my husband professed to not understand and told me I should be thankful, I fully think he gets it. I’m a girl who wants to know what’s up. I’m tired of being tough. I’m too weak for almost anything, too tired to try.

My spine looks perfect on the MRI. My brain, if showing any damage at all, looks like a person who perhaps suffers from chronic headaches, which I do not. Which I absolutely don’t. Sometimes I get a headache, but that’s just if it’s too sunny out or if I’ve eaten a donut.