Monday Moodiness

The coleshaw for lunch today took forever to make because I couldn’t get my cuisinart grater thing to fit together. Stupid thing! Ok, stupid me..the chopper isn’t stupid, it cost too much to be.

All I needed it for was grating the carrots and cabbage. I think I’ll go buy a normal grater for simple tasks like that!!
Anyway, that put me in a bit of a mood. The good news was that it tasted just right. So, even though it took more than twice the time it should have to make having the nod of approval makes the work worth while.
I also made a chili-ish thing, chili without the chilli pepper! Deeder loved it :) Even though I’m sure Daddy would enjoy more flavor to his food, it’s good to be able to include Deeder in mealtime.

Deeder was a total Daddy’s boy today, nothing about Mommy! First thing he did was crawl over to Daddy, bat at his face and make friendly happy, “here I am” sounds.

So far I’ve had a hard time keeping Deeder happy, he cried when he saw Darren pull out of the driveway. Even our before nap snuggle didn’t bring him the usual happiness he has for being with me. Before Darren left he was smiling at him through the window and waving, I guess he thought Darren was just out with the dog for a second!

Right now Deeder’s napping (finally) and I’m making myself a cup of tea and beginning the laundry.
Remember I can’t do laundry before 5pm, business hours and all. I’ve gotten used to sharing a house with our friends at the investing business, it’s not as hard on my nerves as it used to be.

What I am annoyed with at the moment is my Kodak Easy Share printer–the printer dock works just fine, but for some reason it wont print from the computer anymore! This is way bad for my Baby Book creating! Perhaps Deeder’s baby book is meant to stop at ten months :P I just can’t figure out how to make it work…There’s nothing in the manual about a problem like this.


(Diederick eating a gramcracker. Doesn’t that crumb look like a beauty mark?)

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  1. Wendy says:

    graham crackers are Lani’s favorite right now!!

  2. Laura says:

    It must be an all time fav for kids, totally cute watching them :) thanks for the correct spelling of graham cracker, I knew I had it wrong!! lol :P

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