Sparkling Grape Soda

After our seven hour (yes, I kid you not) play date with Tamina and Lena I stopped by the closest vending machine. I put in my two bucks, pressed the button which is intended to issue forth a perfectly iced bottled water. It didn’t produce anything, so I pressed it again. Out tumbled Welche’s Sparkling Grape Soda, a drink not on the menu clearly displayed in pushable illustrated buttons. Heh! As I grabbed it out of the vending slot and collected the two quarters that fell down the change shoot. On the ground below the little hole where the change comes out were a bunch of pennies, I left them for someone truly in need.

It was one of those days where things end up being exactly as you expected, even though you tried so hard for them not to be.
The plan, the set up one, for today was to attend a new playgroup for big little kids, Deeder and I would meet our pals Tamina and Lena from Mom’s Group, maybe go out for lunch after.

I showed up early for the 9:30 playgroup, Tamina arrived up a couple minutes later. We were able to meet four other parents, one of which had three kids…yep, lots of potential for us to expand our social horizons. Group ended at 12:30.

The plan was to catch something light for lunch and go our separate ways. We had super yummy wraps at a bagel place just across the street from where Tamina had parked her car. Btw, did you know that everything on the sandwich menu is also available in wrap? Cool what you can learn hanging out with someone who’s on their way to WeightWatchers weigh in! I think in future I may be eating all sandwiches on wraps, very handy with a baby around who like to grab.

Tamina pointed out how close we were to the thrift shop where Deeder and I often go, we absolutely had to go in, after all, you never know what you’ll find. Shortly after unpacking the kids my friend wanted to leave. She soon found the 25 cent second and began her treasure hunt for cool collectables, so it was agreed—we’d stay and browse for a few minutes. Deeder quickly resumed his on going mission of removing tags from all the stuffed toys in the kids section, Lena joined him. Having troubles redirecting the kids I agreed with Tamina that we ought to take off. The clock above the “Employees Only” sign at this point said that the time was half past II.
Tamina now informed me that she needed her hair cut and that today would be the best day, since I was available to watch Lena.

We walked over to the place where I get my hair cut, they were closed. We found another place, not even a block away. Hurrah! The “walk ins welcome” sign spoke truth, walk ins were welcome–just not until 3:30. By mutual agreement I was assigned the task of watching both ten-month-olds while Tamia got a haircut. We set the stroller; Lena has one of those cool joggers, and Deeder’s backpack in the used goods store just up the street and across a parking lot from the hair salon. The haircut took an hour. I was soo happy that the dude who was working at the second hand store didn’t let on to how annoyed he must have been feeling, made things much better. Never the less, the fact remained–Deeder and Lena have in common the same two hours that they reserve for naptime. EEK! I nursed Deeder and rocked him back and forth like I always do, meanwhile Lena tried to climb up and nurse too–yuck! SO not happening!! Deeder was out in moments; I lay him down in the stroller and put a blanket with a purple “$2.25” tag pinned to it over him. Then I picked up Lena and rocked her until she joined Deeder in peaceful quiet dreamland. Holding her, pushing him back and forth with my foot I thought about what it must be like to have twins. They napped 15 minutes.

Tamina returned with a cute shoulder length layered cut asking what toys Lena had played with, telling me that she’d buy them. I considered this and couldn’t point any out; Lena’d been busy trying to share with Deeder and chasing a four year old little boy who was quite terrified of her! What I did remember is how Deeder dragged a plastic jack-o-lantern trick or treat candy basket around the whole time. Hah! I was reminded of the Deeder and I saw a box labeled “Free Stuff”, that box had an identical jack o lantern, maybe it was even the same one! I left it in the box because I thought it was stupid? Show’s you what I know!

Feeling a little hungry (5pm) Tamina and I thought we could go to for a scone and coffee. She had chi tea and I had a double shot moca, yeah stupid, I know. They had no scones other than lemon, I hate lemon scones. Instead I bought the $1.99 Everything Cookie, I felt bad for turning down the scone. The Everything Cookie had almost every imaginable cookie ingredient and rivaled the wrap for filling-ness value. We had a wonderfully refreshing Birth Story jam session, very bonding for first a couple of girls who were unsatisfied with their birthing services and, as a result have quite a long “What I Would Do Differently for Next Time” column, both each other’s perfect captive audience this was the best part of our outing. During this time we also made plans to hit our favorite baby store’s big time sale Saturday, somewhere between 9 and 2. Since we’re in the area, why not drop by and check which items will be on sale. Only half an hour till closing time, so it better be a quick stop.

We were there 45 minutes. Tamina saw some diaper bags that she loved (her fav one cost $110). Did I mention she’s a recovering purse/handbag addict? The sales woman convinced her that the 10% discount Saturday would make a HUGE dent in that daunting price tag, her husband would never need to know. Yes, the bag is on reserve marked “Tamina Clark”

I stood and admired the Ergo carrier which has my ardent love and admiration. Would 10% off make as beautiful a dent in it’s pricetag as it would in Tamina’s future wallet holder? Sadly, my husband would know about it. And so would I.

Deeder and I walked Tamina and Lena to the parking garage elevator and said adieu. We talked about arranging a time and place to meet up for the sale on Saturday, plans incomplete she said she’d call me. She said something more as the elevator doors closed which I didn’t make out, said “Ok, yeah” anyway though.

Welch’s Sparkling Grape in hand I trode (not a word) up the hill, back to our Investing house, all the while thinking of Ergo carriers. These were the perfect moments to think of Ergo, the moments in which my back hurt for carrying Deeder so long in his Kelty Kids. Youdontneedityoudontneedityoudontneedityoudontneedit
He was sound asleep when we got home, woke up in a wonderful mood, played for a while and after his bath fell asleep soundly and has been sleeping like a dream for two hours already.

Now you people hold me to it, I will come out of that sale admiring the merchandise, not a purchase made!

(did this take you seven hours to read?)

8 Responses to “Sparkling Grape Soda”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Well, you did have a busy day, didn’t you? My favorite part of the story is where you cover Deeder with the blanket that’s for sale while waiting for Tamina. The sales clerk certainly must have been understanding. :P Thanks for the account of your busy day.

  2. Lauren says:

    Phew! Hope you guys are having a nice, peaceful and relaxing day today :)

  3. Laura says:

    We did have a nice day today, another play group and got film developed.

  4. Kayla says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’d be able to carry Deeder around that long… not to mention the addition of Lena for a while. What a day…

  5. Dor says:

    Ok, I probably shouldn’t do this. But I will. haha Ever heard of Their For sale or trade page is where I bought my ergo..and a couple other things. ;)
    Which you have to sign up (free) to use. They often have next gen Ergos come up for sale on there. I’ve seen them as low as $75 shipped but usually closer to $90 which I know is still a fair chunk of change. Another option you might want to look into is the patapum baby or toddler carrier which I’ve heard is a lot like the ergo. There’s lots of people that like them better and they’re cheaper. They’ve made lots of improvements over their older version. They also come up fairly often on the above mentioned forum for around $50 shipped. Also if you get a carrier, you could try reselling your kelty to help “fund” the new one. Favorite topic, can you tell? Ok I’m going away now!

  6. Laura says:

    I’d never heard of patapum, they sure do look pretty close to the Ergo. What I would like to sell is the Moby D Wrap.
    Baby wearing certainly is my fav topic too, I have spent hours trying different ones on. There’s a store in Bratt with a huge selection, loads of fun!

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