We went to another play group today. It was lead by the same lady Tamina and I met yesterday, her name’s Paula.

When she talks to the children she’ll say things like, “Paula thinks maybe it’s a good time for story time?” or,
“Paula would like it if you would come over here and sit on her lap. Maybe you could show her that dolly you’re interested in there?”

Hearing her speaking to kids this way I thought they wouldn’t respect or listen to her, but not so. They gave her amazing reverence and when she spoke, their undivided attention. How’d she earn that respect?

Deeder thought Paula was great. He’d crawl over, sit on his haunches and stare at her. When noticed, he’d flash his most fetching smile and wave. She thought this was cute and said, “Hello Deetrick, would you come sit with Paula?” Gladly! He moved over and plopped his little tush down on her lap.

I really can’t say I’ve seen him give anyone that much benefit of the doubt.
At snack he positioned himself as close to her as possible. Once when she wasn’t looking he stuck his whole fist in the open box of Bunny Tale Cheesies and grabbed a good fist full. Just as everyone who works with kids, Paula has eyes on the back of her head.

She turned to him said, in the most flowery sweet way, “Paula will help you with the Bunny Tales, Deetrick” He instantly dropped them and took his hand out.
Paula gave him a nice baby sized portion and said “There you go, little sweety-pie!” He ate them and didn’t do it again.

The mom next to me commented on Deeder’s eagerness to devour Paula’s crackers and told me where they could be bought.

4 Responses to “Paula”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    That is such a cute story about Diederick liking Paula. :) Cute how much he liked the snack, too, and helped himself.

  2. Laura says:

    Sure was! I’m glad to see how confident he’s becoming. :) He only looked over my way a couple times during the whole two hours, he explored the toys and met other kids without my help!! :) Brave little man!

  3. Kayla says:

    Hah! That’s awesome. She must be as cool as Judy if he likes her that much!

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