The Library

How come I didn’t think of this before?? I’m blogging (and checking email) from the library! It’s just a couple miles away from where we live now. I only get half an hour to use it, but that’s better than nothing!!

So…what’s on the news? We went grocery shopping last night. I cannot believe how expensive food is. It’s totally outrageous!!! Anyway, we’re well stocked for quite some time, I hope.

Yesterday was also my neurologist appointment. Between getting there, meeting with the doc, and coming back to Brattleboro we had a good portion of the day taken up. Which was ok, but taking that trip every other month and then every month will be quite the chore.

It’s back to New York again tomorrow night. As is becoming my routine, I’ll pack up the car that afternoon with laundry to be done and Heidi’s stuff. Then we’ll unload it all and I’ll spend Saturday doing laundry and have the car all packed up again by Saturday night. It’ll be lovely to see everyone in New York again. Darren’s thinking of making lasagna for fellowship meal.

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  1. Sarah says:

    You are one busy person, Lou! Do you not have a place to do laundry at the bed at breakfast you are living at?

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