Me again

I continue to wake up every day, eat, sleep, and read.
My ability to eat a variety of foods is increasing, which is quite a relief indeed. I’m also happy to report that the nausea has eased off a bit.

Waking up this morning I was surprised to see lots of snow on the hill behind our house. Completely beautiful! At 9 o’clock the snowplow hadn’t cleared our driveway so everything was complete untouched. It’s tapered off now, which is good for me as I’m going to have to walk home in it.

Recent good news: Philip has got some interviews at Microsoft! He put his resume online and was contacted by a recruiter who quickly set him up with interviews! Very exciting for him. I believe that he’s in Seattle today having interviews. Hopefully he’ll write about that on his blog soon. :)

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  1. Joyce Taron says:

    It’s good to hear from you, Sweetie! The snow sounds beautiful. Glad to hear you’re getting out to walk, and get some refreshing exercise. I’m also glad you live close enough to the library to walk there. Take care of yourself!
    Love, Mom

  2. Heather W says:

    Hi Laura! It’s amazing what google can do if you fiddle with it long enough. I stumbled across Kayla’s blog, and then yours. Thought I would say hello. How are you doing? Love to see you sometime – especially since you’re closer now!
    Love, Heather

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks, Mom. :) Yes, the snow is beautiful! Unfortunately it’s been too cold for walks of late so I’ve got to find other ways to split up my day.

    Heather, Yep it’d be awesome to get together sometime!! Are you living at home currently?

  4. Heather W says:

    Yes, I’m currently living at home. I’d love to come visit you sometime – you’re always welcome here too of course! I’m excited to see your brother here tonight – hope he doesn’t get too lost. How far are you from here, or perhaps say NY, NY?

  5. Laura says:

    Philip told me that he sure had a good time talking to you during his visit! That’s super!
    I’d love to see you too, but I’m afraid that I don’t have much of a house here. :( It’s enough for the two of us, but nothing showy at all. Philip has his own room and is paying I think $30 a night for it. Hopefully we can work something out to get together!
    No, I’m not sure how far we are from you. Philip’s drive sure seemed to take a while!

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