It’s Getting Cold Out!

The weather’s getting pretty chilly. This means no more library visits until it either warms up or I figure out the bus system.

I continue to suffer from what they call “morning sickness”. Sometimes it sure feels like a drag, but then I have to remember that the sicker I feel the better chance I have that my baby is doing well. My tummy is growing at what I consider to be an amazing rate. I’m experiencing the symptoms of someone four months along when I can’t be more than nine weeks along which is sort of curious. Darren likes to joke about us possibly having more than one.

The big news: Philip’s arriving tomorrow at 7pm! Pray for safe travel for him. Today I got the keys to his room and have cleaned up my place so that he wont think that I’m a slob! hehe. It’ll be super great to be able to hang out again. :D Let us hope that I’m feeling well during his visit.

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  1. Kayla says:

    Woohoo, I new post!! :) Yeah, it’s exciting to see Phup off and on his adventures. He didn’t even go to sleep last night, he was “jazzed,” as he said. He got lots of schnazzy new stuff when we went shopping Saturday night, so he can look up to par for his new job without stealing all of Mitch’s clothes while he’s at it. I’m excited for him!!

  2. Joyce Taron says:

    Have a great visit with Philip, Dearie! I got home from taking him to the Seattle Airport at 8pm. . had a very nice visit with Merry. Thank your landlady, Lynn, very much for letting Philip stay at the bed and breakfast.
    Bye for now!

  3. Cadet says:

    Mwhahahah! Yay for the new post! :D Ohh, that would be SO cool if you had more than one baby. >:) And Phup has already left! How weird. :P

  4. Lyd says:

    I hope you have a great time with Phup, Laura! :) He has only been gone nearly a day now and it already feels a little funny having him gone. And yeah that would be soooooooo cool if you had TWINS!! Ahh, the excitingness of life. :P

  5. Laura says:

    Oh boy guys, thanks for looking forward to my posts–that makes me feel mega special! Yes, I’m sure that Phip and I will have a super duper time. Btw, Darren’s taken to calling Phip “Flip”. Haha!

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