Diederick, 13 Months


Diederick turned 13 months on Wednesday. I guess because of all the hubbub with loosing Little One I forgot about Deeder’s 13 month mark!

If I had one sentence to sum up how Deeder’s been this month I’d probably say that he’s been exerting his independence. Not that he’s been bad or anything, he’s just really wanting to do everything himself! If he manages to get over to the fridge when someone has it open he will grab out one of his snacks and pull the lid open, helping himself to it’s contents! Since he doesn’t drink out of a sippy I hold a cup for him to drink, he’s now trying to grab it away and tip the milk into his mouth alone–it hasn’t worked yet. Sometimes I think he tries to dress himself, and of course take off his own diapers.


He climbs up and down the stairs alone, and quicker than you’d believe. If you’re sitting and he wants to get up on the couch and into your lap he wants to climb up your legs–if helped he screeches and insists on being put down!


This month Deeder met his cousin’s daughter, MaKayla. The first couple of days just messed up his schedule, but after that he was in love! I think having her here spired his desire to learn to walk upright rather than traveling on his hands and knees! Thank you, MaKayla! At the park yesterday he walked about a foot with being held only by one hand. He stood up this morning behind his push toy and walked with it the whole of the hall. :) It’ll be awhile before I get video footage of him walking alone, maybe in a month or two?


Thanks to Grampa Harr Deeder had his first Snickers bar! Boy what a mess!!

New adventures: Deeder went to the Boston Aquarium and on a harbor cruise :D He also got to go for a hike at Quechee Gorge safely stowed in his Ergo carrier. (Pictures of this are on Daddy’s digital camera program which I don’t know how to use!)

Oh! Did I mention that Deeder had his first baby sitting experience? Darren’s parents watched him so that Darren and I could go out for a couple hours. As the story goes, he fell right to sleep after playing with grampa and Makayla for about half an hour! Thanks, Dale and Cora!!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Looks like you guys are having Loads of fun, and new adventures at that!
    He’ll be walking in no time!

    Happy Friday! :P

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