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Lyd asked me to post my birthday wish lish. You know birthdays do come only once a year. It’d be fun to go to Macy’s and get a make over, and maybe get a new hairdo too. Then have my husband take me out to dinner and buy me flowers! That’d be a good birthday for a pregnant girl turning 21.

Other than that I’d like something that I can do. It’d be super cool to take a class, like a lit class maybe. The only problem is that it’s kind of expensive, $73 per credit! With $500 bills for blood work every month that’s not the most practical thing to wish for. Wah!

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  1. Heather says:

    Great ideas for the birthday – I hope you get to do some of them. Just a thought on the taking a class thing. I know that a lot of universities will often let you audit a class. You don’t get any actual credit for it, but it would allow you to be in the class. Some universities don’t charge for auditing – only if you want the credit on your transcript. If you’re especially interested in one particular course, you can often directly speak to the prof about your situation, and they will put a good word in for you at the registration office. Anyway, just a thought. Good luck with that! Love ya.

  2. Kayla says:

    That’s a good idea, Heather!!! And, Laurie-Lou, you’ve got to give me more ideas than that! What’s a birthday gift I could actually afford that you would like? :D Do you want a book, music, another painting/drawing… clothes? A gift card for somewhere?

  3. Laura says:

    Hmm. Alrighty, Teesy, I’ll email you a list!
    Heather, I mentioned your idea to Darren and he said he’d rather I take it for credit. I don’t quite get why that is, but the nice bit is that he said I could do it! :D

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