Smart ‘Ol Laura

That subject line just looks great, don’t you think?

And so does the expression on Deeder’s face!
I’m smart because I got to bed early and Deeder’s making that weird face because he’s eating a cold peach.


Yesterday I did something I’ve been meaning to do for ages and it felt soo great! So what was it?

I altered my normal mommy schedule a little so that I would get everything accomplished before Deeder’s bedtime, and it worked. I got laundry, vacuuming, swiffering, dishes, Darren dinner making, bathroom cleaning, walk and park done. It was all about not being lazy during nap time! :D
The plan would not have been an easy ride if he hadn’t taken a full nap at 10:30 and at 3:30. I guess I’m lucky to have a kid who naps for two and a half hours straight twice a day!


To pull off this more sleep plan the end is the most important part. The rule is that I can’t go downstairs after bathtime. If I do, I end up lallygagging around the house until 11:30-12ish waiting for Darren to get home, then we stay up until at least 1am!
Last night I kept poor Deeder up a half hour past his bedtime in order to get everything done I wanted. Of course he didn’t mind!

When Darren got home (it was 12) and came in the bedroom I felt like it was 6:30 and time to get Deeder out of bed! Ah the beauty of a few hours of extra shut eye.


Tomorrow is Darren’s day off. He’s said that he’d like to take Deeder to story time at the library :) That should be fun! Darren would love to see how much Deeder enjoys doing the dances and trying to sing along to the children’s songs. I guess we’ll see how Deeder is when he wakes up and either go or not go based on his level of happiness!


Deeder had a much better day yesterday than he had the last time I blogged. That night when I brushed his teeth I noticed two new ones poking through the gums up top! My boy wasn’t crying for no reason afterall! I’m so thankful that teething comes in spurts! Imagine how horrible it would be to have (or be) an irritable child, crying and screaming until their mouth was full of teeth!

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  1. Wendy says:

    I love the peach pictures! So cute!

    Isn’t it crazy how teeth pop through like that? Lani’s are always so sneaky!

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