17 wks and 4 days

Today we had our third ob appointment. I love going to them! It’s so groovy hearing the baby’s heart beat and being told that she/he sounds very healthy. So far I’ve gained 8lbs with this pregnancy which, according to the doctor, is perfect for how far along I am. Darren’s even more excited than I am about all of this baby stuff! Despite my having felt pretty sick in the beginning, time sure seems to be flying.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Hey Laura,
    We heard that you weren’t feeling well on the Lord’s day but I’m glad that things seem to be alright today, and that you and baby are alive and kicking. (Speaking of, have you felt any movemants?) WOW, only 17 weeks left! You must be a lot bigger than the last time I saw you, which was far too long ago :)

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Hannah! You know you need to blog more often, right? So should Kats and Holly. I think I’m starting to feel movement. None of that, “Oh yeah, that was his knee!” kind of stuff, but I can tell that there’s something living in there!

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