ferrel kitten–part two


Well I’m feeling much better about watching Jason.
Now I’ve got a game plan.

Here it is, tell me what you think…

This Monday thru Friday I watch him from 10:15 to 3:00, without Deeder. Jason wakes up at 10, and Darren leaves for work at 3:15–this way Jason will have his mom to wake up to, little transition time–and I’ll be home just in time to take over with Diederick. I want to be alone with Jason for a week so that we can establish, well, who’s boss. I’ll spend a bit of time at his house, even if it’s just for an hour the first day…to see what’s going on there. Then we’ll go to the park, and just fun no stress kidsy places.

The second week I’ll introduce Deeder into the mix!
I need more information, but I think that there’s an open gym time every morning downtown–I don’t know if it’s free, or what the hours are–it would be a good environment to get the boys together in.
From what I’ve been told, the open gym is only for babies and toddlers. There are balls to throw around and parents can bring their own stuff too. Then there’s an underground play area (Tamina and I went there for our kids’ first playdate) that is open from 10:30 until 6pm, W-F. That’s another option.

I’ll tell Jason’s mom that these two weeks are a trial run. My first obligation is to Deeder, I wont have him in harms way at all.

My feeling better about the whole Jason babysitting thing started with talking to Lynn while I was over at her house vacuuming this morning. She shed lots of light on the situation and now I really do believe I can do it.

I think I mentioned that Jason’s grandma was visiting from England and stayed at Lynn’s B&B…
The grandmother is very well off financially and told Lynn that she is going to fund help for her daughter. While here the grandmother bought Jason a whole new wardrobe of clothing and got him a haircut. She told Lynn that her daughter has always lived sloppily and needed constant instruction and help.

The money thing is encouraging.

I hope that the grandmother is right about Jason’s mom being open to instruction and help.
If Jason could get a regular nap in, and be in bed at a decent hour he’d be a much happier boy–there’s not a doubt in the world about that. Structure gives any age of kid security.
If I have him during the day, even just part time, I can take care of getting the regular nap in. But she’ll have to handle the bedtime, and get him in his own bed.

Another piece of good news from Lynn:

Jason does eat food. He and his mom came over to have breakfast at Lynn’s while the grandmother was there. Lynn said that he ate everything that was set out and had a healthy sized appetite.
Maybe his mom is too lazy to feed him a well rounded diet, but he can eat.

So he did have new clothes, just dirty new clothes which could have been what gave me the impression that they were old. He needs a bath daily, and clean clothes on daily–she’d have to do that for me, unless I had him at night.

Anyway, this is looking brighter. There is money, and there is ability to eat.
Lynn said she thinks I’m the only one in town who could handle the situation and that I should really give it a shot.
She recommended asking for more than 8 dollars an hour, she said it should be more like ten. And that I also need to figure in the average cost of food for him.

I know that I’m not going to watch him at his house, even if it were just Jason.
Um, and I sort of wish that I could receive pay directly through the grandmother!

And here’s Deeder.


He’s frustrated because he’s not having success taking apart the silly tower Mommy made
Yes that’s Deeder in the top picture too. Can’t have a post without pictures!

3 Responses to “ferrel kitten–part two”

  1. Kathie says:

    Sounds like a great plan! Caring for someone else’s child and finding care is a subject near to my heart, so I couldn’t help not commenting again. Yes, I do think your care is worth more than $8/hour, if you will be taking care of him away from your home most of the time. Also if you end up bathing him during the day, picking up toys around his house, or any extra tasks. We’re used to Seattle prices, but good child care is worth it. Feel free to drop me a note, if you’d like a better idea of what we pay for in home and out of home care, depending on experience of care provider. In the top picture, Deeder is engaged in one of my son’s favorite activities- so cute!

  2. Lauren says:

    Sounds like a good plan, Laura! You seem to have added great structure to Deeders life and Im sure you can add it to Jason’s. It’s quite obvious that this little boy needs someone to pay more attention to him, and possibly show him some positive encouragement.

    I think you can do it! Good luck today :)

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