Paula’s Playgroup


Remember Paula? She was the nice lady with the crackers who we met in June.

She does a play group at every single library in the county–except for the one in our town. Deeder and I went with Jen and Sophie to her last two playgroups of the playgroup season, sound weird…yeah. I guess playgroups go with the school systems schedule. The idea must be giving mom’s a chance to get out with their little ones while their older guys are busy with schoolwork.

Anyway, we were walking home from the library…
A car pulled over, and the driver waved to us. I thought she was flagging us down to ask for directions–that happens to me all the time! Deeder recognized her before I did, and she remembered his name not mine!

Paula’s so nice! I couldn’t believe she remembered us!
“I just wanted to let you know that I found a place that will rent out a classroom for us to use for the playgroup–it’s very good, I’m quite pleased.” Yes! That’s good news :)


She told me where it is and what time she’s planning to have regular meetings. “We started last week, it seems like it’ll be a very good group.”

Despite the early hour that she told me I think we’ll try to pull ourselves together and walk over. It’s free and she is excellent with children. She’s one of those people who dresses in a way that will catch children’s fancy–stuff that is edging towards ridiculous in the grown up world and just plain fun and silly to a child.

Paula has spent two weeks getting the room arranged in a way that she thinks will suit her groups needs. I asked her what the official age range is and she told me it was 0 to 5 years old. That’s a big range! She told me that she’s been involved with children as a teacher for twenty years! Heh heh…I could have been in her first class, as a two year old!


My Deeder is so good at entertaining himself :)
This is him playing with his blocks car wash before nap. When ready to go to bed he came over to me, rubbed his eyes and yawned I put him in bed with his teddy and he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Down an hour late, I hope that means he’ll sleep an hour late!

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