Saving Jason


Tammy wrote a comment on my first post about Jason suggesting that I would have trouble staying away from taking over Charlotte’s role as Mommy and instead of being what I was hired to be–the babysitter. I wrote Tam back via email instead of comment (just so that she wouldn’t miss it!) trying to reclaim myself as someone who would never be less than professional!

Shortly after I got a call from Jason’s mom telling me that I was not going to be watching Jason–then I knew Tam was right about me.

In my heart I feel that I need to save Jason. Save the child who lives in the upstairs apartment of a house that I never noticed because of it’s overgrown garden and broken white picket fence. If you look upward you might see a little blond haired boy pulling the drawn shade away to look out on the world which he has yet to meet. Smile and wave and he’ll vanish.


On the phone his mom said that Jason’s dad had decided that Jason should stay home, she sounded despondent–you could tell Jason’s mom didn’t feel the same way. She needs a brake, and will even more when Baby Number Two arrives.

I called her right back and to tell about a music class that I thought Jason might like. Dad answered the phone–he didn’t sound like the man I imagined he would–someone who wants to intentionally isolate his wife and child from the world. I told him about the class without even taking a breath in between words maybe thinking that he’d have a chance to say no before I’d finish, even though the chances of him not understanding a word were high! He said, “Yeah absolutely that sounds wonderful. I’ll let you tell Charlotte about it yourself.”
Oh nice :)

When she got on the phone I said the same thing, just a bit slower because I think that she is for sure interested in having her son have more involvement with others.

Just so that she doesn’t forget I’m going to bring an information sheet by tomorrow.


On the other hand of things,
this is better.

If Jason’s dad does let Charlotte sign up for a class she’ll have to take him since I’m not going to be babysitting.
That will be good for her, maybe even more than it will be for her son. She will get to meet other mothers and hopefully pick up a friend or two to get together with for play dates.
It’s better this way, I’m pretty sure of it!

Pictures of Deeder bug since there aren’t any of Jason :P

3 Responses to “Saving Jason”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    That does sound hopeful, Sweetie. :)

  2. Laura says:

    It’ll be a lot less stressful for me, that’s for sure! This way I’ll more be focusing on getting play dates together for Deeders rather than concerning myself with providing a normal childhood for someone else–though I still hope that normal childhood will find Jason!

  3. Lauren says:

    oops, ignore my post below, though I still believe it would be true :)

    I sure hope that Jason’s mom takes him to the music class, that sounds like something they both might like. It will give them both a chance to get out of the house.

    It isn’t a Music Together class is it? (I know someone involved with that, so ijust thought I’d ask :) )

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