Tilt Your Head

Diederick is a crazy child this morning. He’s busy practicing walking just like yesterday, but when he falls he cries like the world just ended and it hurt.

I conclude that he must be teething because last night was also full of tears, waking five times between 7:30 bedtime and 7am getting up time so he is probably feeling sleep deprived and ouchy. Right now he’s napping.

Earlier I was trying to see inside his mouth, unfortunately he was doing a very good job of pressing his lips tight together and not letting me see in…
From the little glimpses that I got it looks like he has his first molars in and is working on the first and second premolars (all four premolars are half way poking through the gums!!). No idea what I’m talking about? Check this I thought premolars come in before first and second molars, but I guess that’s not necessarily the way it has to go.

Here’s the video that gives today’s post the title “Tilt Your Head” haha. It’s my fault. I must not be saving my video correctly…computers don’t make mistakes, it’s the users fault. Right?

Yep. I’ve got to get my JVC up and going soon.

Happy October everyone. I guess summer’s over now, huh?

4 Responses to “Tilt Your Head”

  1. Lauren says:

    Looks like his balance is getting better and better! He’ll be running circles around you in no time :)

  2. Laura says:

    We just got home from the co-op a couple minutes ago. At their little play area he was walking around–didn’t crawl once! :D

  3. Gramma Momma says:

    Congratulations to the little walking boy!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yippee!! Now you two can walk on over for a play date!!! Any trips to WA planned any time soon?

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