It’s really cute, but

It’s dangerous and has to stop!

Deeder’s climbing is cool, in fact I find myself telling about his love for climbing with a bit of a brag and pride in recounting his actions. :P
Yesterday though I decided that it was enough–twice I found him backing off the table where there was no chair to lower himself on to. If he were to have not been rescued he would have fallen and bumped his chin, probably cut his lip–anyway, not life threatening–still bad!
I even took away his walker and another toy that he climbs on top of. If he’s having urges to climb I can take him to the park, or somewhere else where there is equipment made for climbing. I hate to limit him like this but don’t see another way!

He loves his John Deere ride on truck and his push toy car, that’s all that there is downstairs for him now…besides books and those shapes that fit through holes. This morning he seemed bored with nothing to climb on and got mad at me for taking him away from the table–once he even tried hitting me!
He can still climb the couch, the stairs, and the box by the entryway.

So that’s what’s up with us today. He spent a lot of time before nap playing upstairs in his room with various stuff up there, he has quite a lot in his room. I’m thankful for such a big house–I have a lot of storage. Hopefully this winter we wont get cabin fever too badly–last year was tough, living in a three room apartment (four if you count the bathroom!)
It’s really warm out–park later maybe.

Darren’s working a double shift today–I had to wake him up at 5AM and wont see him again until 11:30 tonight. Deeder and I are happy that Daddy gets to have this weekend off :) It’s nice to have two days in a row of family time.

Double on the box picture because of his smile!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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