Been A Practicin’

We had a really weird weekend. I had a good post about it in mind last night, but now I only remember the title and the idea behind it. No use writing something that doesn’t have anything clever or cute left in it–I’ve tried that before and didn’t get any comments!!

My little Deeds is really getting good on his feet. He can walk across the room, bend and pick something up, wobble a bit and return to the other side of the room. This only works of course if you don’t distract him by clapping while he’s only half way though! If you do, he’ll smile gloriously and promptly plop down on his tush and crawl over to you for further congratulations!

The video obviously isn’t of him walking. He’s doing a bit of glass blowing!

More than doing this, he enjoys doing it on your arm or any other bit of skin that he can get his mouth on. If there’s no glass or willing person around he blows and spits on his own hand. It’s absolutely hilarious! Mommy and daddy think its funny anyway.

Friday evening I decided to put away the toys he climbs on and that really helped, in my opinion anyway, with the walking efforts. Maybe after naptime I’ll take a video so that you peeps can see how it goes. His smile of satisfaction is lovely! Crawling is good but walking is great.

Deeder doing a bit of climbing, visiting his second story toys. This morning I found him sitting in the drawer where I keep my teas and cocoa. He was having a jolly ol time until he tore open a tea bag with his teeth and got it all in his mouth. That was about when he asked to be rescued.

Today’s raining, the kind of rain that just drizzles enough to keep the road and sidewalks wet and people hair frizzy where thunder showers are in the forecast half an hour from now, now being ever hour until sundown when they actually come.
That’s OK for me because I have LOADS of housecleaning to do. It’s funny how Mondays are nearly always that way–somehow there’s clutter and mess where I thought I had eliminated it.

3 Responses to “Been A Practicin’”

  1. Lauren says:

    :p he seems to be getting good at blowfishes (that’s what we called them – when on a window, anyway)!

    Everything that I own usually ends up messy from the weekend. It’s just hard to clean up when you’re running around town, or even just taking it easy all weekend :)

    Hope ya had a swell weekend! (Send the rain this way, we desperately need it! – it’s about 90 degrees outside on October 8th…unheard of!!)

  2. Gramma Momma says:

    Do you remember when I used to do that to you children’s arms or tummies to tickle you? :P

  3. Jennifer says:

    He’s a little dare devil! I can’t believe he got into that second shelf? That takes talent! Limber talent!
    Can’t wait for the walking video! I know from experience that maple bars are a good motivator! :shock:

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