Slippery Leaves

(Calling someone on the phone. He blabbers beautifully!)

Fall’s here for sure! The trees aren’t as colorful as the locals would like them to be, but there is a fair bit of orange and red intermingled with the browns and greens–that’s good enough for me.

Last night water did pour from the heavens just like the forecast guy on our local 80’s 90’s and Now station said it would. As a result the steep hill we walk down was generously coated with leaves stuck fast to the pavement! It was so scary. I tried my best to tiptoe through it all! I thought of my poor mama who slipped and fell on wet leaves last year (or was it the year before that, Mom?) and hurt for ages! Deeder and his heavy backpack were on my back and as I carefully ventured forth one step at a time I pondered whether it would have been wiser to use the stroller. Anyway we got to playgroup on time, and I was so thankful that Darren picked us up so that I wouldn’t have to make my way back up the hill!

I tried to take a few pictures of Deeder at play group but didn’t really get any. People are weird about having pictures taken, I think they’re afraid some bad guy will see their child and come attempt a kidnapping. So tried to be discreet and hide my camera :P

Did I ever mention how much Deeder loves putting things over his head? He’ll walk around the house with a belt over his shoulders, or a cord lacking employment.
I think I’ve already written about how fond he was of the kitchen area–both at the co-op play area and at playgroup. So here’s a picture of him with a bunch of plastic food from the wooden refrigerator. He looks like he’s sorting through it preparing for a meal.

And I don’t know why he was so keen on standing in this push cart thing.

In the picture he’s looking reproachfully at a little boy who was trying to jiggle Deeder out of it by grabbing onto the handles and shaking back and forth with all his might. The funny thing is that the boy was smaller than Deeder–just full of evil intentions! Of course when I took Deeder out of the cart thinking to give the little boy a turn doing whatever it was he wanted the cart for, the boy walked away! Oh well, that’s just how kids are I guess.

By the way :D I am currently uploading walking videos. He’s finally got it! And before his 15 month check up :P
Now they can’t tell me that my child is behind developmentally. Why do I always fear that?

2 Responses to “Slippery Leaves”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Yay for the walking boy!
    It’s so easy to worry, but it doesn’t make anything better. My thought is that children are individuals, and it’s best to help them from where they’re at. Or . . . To relax and give them a little leeway. You, as a momma, will notice if something is really wrong, and then seek appropriate attention for your child (speaking hypothetically), not about the walking/climbing boy. :)

  2. Wendy says:

    Cute pictures! What a fun place to hang out:) Deeder must love it!!!

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