fancy footwork, and an enticing spider!

Me holding his weird spider toy in front of him so that you people can see how he does his thing!

A more candid shot: Deeder looking for an evening snack :P
Btw, it’s not as late as it the lighting might make you think! My kitchen light is burnt out so the only light comes from the hall.

“I did it!”

6 Responses to “fancy footwork, and an enticing spider!”

  1. Wendy says:

    yay for Deeder! Great videos:)

  2. Daddy says:

    Wow did you hear that mommy that was as clear as day I DID IT WOWo thats me boy Great videos hun

  3. Lauren says:

    he is just moving right along! His little waddles are cute! I agree, his ‘I did it’ was very noticable :)

  4. stephanie smith says:

    congratulations deeder!! aww, he is so cute! so happy he’s walkin. it’s a different world once the lil one knows how to walk! i can’t keep up w/ claire anymore. when we go to shops, she likes to walk over there, then over here….ahh! :)

  5. Lauren says:

    Hey Laura!
    Thought I would share this with you. This family of 3 (mom, dad and 3 yo Bella) is touring the country in a Veggie Oil powered RV over the next year. They are making stops along the way at Co-Op’s or by friends. All of their stops (the ones listed on the ‘Route’ section) include a ‘demo’ from them. They basically set up shop and let people come tour their home and learn about running on veggie oil and living sustainable (and lightly!).

    Anyway, the reason I am sharing this is that they are scheduled to be in Brattelboro, VT this weekend (October 13-14). They seem like very down to earth people, who are enjoying spreading the word/use of veggie oil transportation.

    Her blog and photos are amazing, I highly recommend checking them out. I visit their site daily, and do wish they were coming by my neck of the woods (DC/Baltimore/Annapolis is rather vague :p ) so I could check them out.

    Just thougth I’d share this. And perhaps you can take a visit of their Big, Blue RV, too.

  6. Kayla says:

    WOwowowowowowow!!!!! He’s walking, and he’s so goood at it too! He’s like as good as Asa (from church–he’s like a month or two older than deeders i think) already. Wow! Isn’t it cute how he always puts one hand over his heart while he walks? I wonder why…

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