not what I had planned

What hour does a day start? 12AM?
Deeder was in bed by 7:30, but woke up at 1am. He stayed up–well, to nurse. It was like he had dropped back a year in time, he acted like it were some sort of routine every two hour feeding time! I sat there for 45 minutes with him before I realized that I was practicing insanity. I put him back in bed and listened to him cry for ten minutes. I went back in to check on him and found him sprawled out with a leg through the crib bars. Two hours later he woke, and so on until 7am. Whew!!! Tiredness and tiredness. I fed him a normal breakfast and took him to his room to play.
His nap lasted only half an hour.

I decided that he could go play and I’d just lay like a dead log in my bed until he screamed or something :P

He played very nicely–quiet and for about an hour. Then he came into my bedroom, climbed up and hit me in the face. “Mum? Mum?” I opened my eyes and saw him smiling at me, his head tilted the proximity between our two faces couldn’t have been more than two inches. “Mum?”
Was he testing to see if I was still alive? I think I was.

I took him downstairs and fed him. Once I let him down out of his highchair he went over to the window to watch the carpenter working over by the garage. I took that moment to go upstairs and look in the mirror, brush my hair and try to look alive. I don’t know why his waking last night threw me for such a loop. I looked crazy :P

Oh well.

We missed story time at the library. But there’s always the co-op to go to, I decided that would be our outing. Nice walk, grab a smoothy, sit in the play area for a while, head home, stop in at the park, then have a yummy dinner.

The co-op was packed out! A little boy with a name that sounded like Dingo was in the play area. He was 18 months and could talk like you wouldn’t believe! I asked his babysitter if she was quite sure that he was only 1 1/2. She said, “Yeah and he sometimes blabbers in German too! When he does that I just say uh huh uh huh. Crazy weird, huh?” Anyway, Dingo left and these two really noisy boys named Louis and Hank came in–I’d guess that they were 8 and 10. Deeder wasn’t intimidated at all, in fact he loved them :)

I checked my watch and saw that it was 4:30. Deeder and I finished the smoothy and I told him to pick up his toys. He’d just got started when Ruby arrived. A 14 month old little girl dressed in a sleeper. I even remember her mom’s name. Anyway, I became a drop in service :P The mom was in a rush–she asked me if I would watch Ruby then left.

Well, we didn’t leave until 6. The mother of the boys returned and asked about the little girl–she was worried after hearing the story and offered to carry the now crying Ruby around the store looking for the mother. I said thanks but decided to wait. We waited and waited. Finally the mom came. She came through the entrance. SHE HADN’T EVEN BEEN SHOPPING IN THE CO-OP! I’m such a sucker!

Oh well.

So here I am, 9:01.

I put Deeder to bed at 8pm hoping that a later than usual bedtime might make him sleep. Laundry is in the dryer and the bathrooms are cleaned. Trash is taken out, except for Deeder’s diaper pail–I usually do that in the morning.

Tomorrow is music class.

How we talk on the phone:

I accidentally left the phone in his room but don’t know where it is in there. Please no one call me!!

5 Responses to “not what I had planned”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    How puzzling, that waking up every two hours. Hmm . . . Do you think it might be teething? A growth spurt?

    Isn’t that weird about that mom leaving her little girl with you? That is so wrong. I hope the little girl receives loving, consistent care.

    Hope you get more rest tonight!

  2. Wendy says:

    wow! I can’t believe that Ruby was just left with you…thank goodness you are not a psycho ;)

    So strange about Deeders night!! Maybe he is having a growth spurt like your Mom said…Did you read that Lani decided to wean herself:(

    I hope that you got some sleep tonight!!

  3. Pam says:

    I love all the pictures you take of your little man! I need to take more!!!

    Hopefully tonight will be better.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Aidan did this too when he was just perfecting his walking craft. I did a little research and found that when kids are on the brink of a major milestone their sleep patterns go wack-o. Lucky for us! It lasted about a week and then he went back to sleeping good again. Good luck! The only way I can live with myself when I let Aidan cry it out, is I keep saying to myself: “I don’t remember ANYTHING when I was 14 months old!” Good luck!

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