Paper or Plastic

Music was lots of fun.

Unfortunately though when we got home Deeder was drooling everywhere and bawling like crazy. He had a really messy nose too and completely not wanting any food I’d offer him.
Nap time didn’t last at all, ten minutes I think it was. I left him in bed for a whole hour because I could tell he was as fussy in there as he would be out. He did wake up last night at 1:30, I was kind of expecting it so it wasn’t too bad and he did sleep from 2am to 7:30–can’t complain.

Thankfully he did take a lot to drink. Yep, so that’s good.

Ummm…we were going to try another play group tomorrow but because Deeds is feeling, or maybe just acting, :P lousy we’re skipping. Plus the people we were going to go with just called and said they’re sick too.

Paper or Plastic?

I’ve been thinking about cloth diapers lately. Which is silly because they’re like $14 a piece and I hate poop. I very clearly remember my mom unpinning diapers off of baby whomever, dropping the poop in the toilet and proceeding to scrub the residue poop off the cloth into the same potty bowl. YUCK!
Why the interest? Because um because. I guess because it’s something I’ve never done before–something that’s uber popular. And they’re so stinkin cute!

I’m not sure if I’m seriously thinking about switching. However, I am going to sign up for the free info class about it at my local natural parenting store.
Will this be like my baby carriers? I’m sure Darren’ll bring up that failure :P

My Moby D sits practically unused in Deeder’s closet. $52. The people in the pictures look comfortable and perfectly mobile with bity babies (even twins) to big 30lb toddlers. After my baby passed ten lbs in weight the carrier would peal away from his body leaving us with zero support. Wah.
My Ergo is used, for shopping and once I even used it on a hike. I had to have it! It’s the most popular carrier in town and many of my online friends think it’s the best. Sadly, I can’t wear it for more than 20 minutes. The waist band makes me crazy and the shoulder straps slip around (the new addition has traction strips on the inside of the shoulder straps to fix this problem). $92.

The carrier that I do use is a Kelty Kids which we bought used for less than half the price of what it sells for new! $30.

Yep. Cloth diapers. I’m thinking about it.

My friend Steph has a baby at Deeder’s developmental age. She loves cloth and highly recommends them. Hmmm.


Throw away disposable diapers: easy to use/easy to throw away major land fill contributer. Cloth diapers: a bit of a hassle, cute and completely green friendly, good if you’re planning on having lots of kids–then possibly a savings. Otherwise, just a time consuming hobby?

Yep, OK. That’s my thoughts for today.

May tomorrow find Deeder feeling better!

Goodnight all you nice people :P Thanks for stopping by to read about me–I know I’ve been a lousy commenter on some of your blogs recently!

7 Responses to “Paper or Plastic”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Poor little guy! And poor you! Hope he’s feeling better soon. :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good luck! You’re braver than I!!!

  3. Renee says:

    Cloth are so different now from when your mom used them. We have adorable Snap-Ez diapers that we love. No pins, no velcro to stick together, just good old snaps. The diapers are adorable, the lining is fleece, nice against baby’s bottom…HOWEVER…you are still going to be dumping and rinsing poop in the toilet :) Do you dread changing Deeter’s dirty diapers now? For a week, everytime you change a dirty diaper, think about how it would be to rinse it in the toilet.

    As far as baby carriers, you may find the ones in your closet work with your next baby.

  4. Tater's Mom says:

    I have a little brother 10 years younger and my mom used cloth diapers with him. Since I spent most of his first two years pretending he was MY baby, I changed many poopy cloth diapers. Even as a 10-12 year old, it didn’t bother me too much.

    What I remember being the worst part is the inevitable DIAPER RASH! That poor baby would get a rash so bad if wet diapers weren’t changed immediately. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen…I don’t even know how to describe it! Of course that was cloth diapers 17 years ago so maybe they’ve changed and are a little more absorbent now?

    That rash haunts my dreams. :)

  5. stephanie smith says:

    Woohoo! SOO glad you’re interested in Cloth diapers, Lars! Like I’ve told you, all I do is scrape the poop off w/ my spatula (esp. for her dirty diapers) and toss them in the pail. My friend noticed how clean my diapers were (and she dunks her dirty diapers) As for rashes, I never find it a problem for Claire. I might change her diaper alot, though. I duno.

    To answer your question about how far $100 might get you…… is where I purchased her first set of diapers. I got two wool covers, 10 wraps, and 36 DSQ chinese prefolds for $250ish, I think. Now, if i had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t do that. Who really needs 10 wraps?! This is what I’d like to do: 12 chinese prefolds, 12 motherease +liners, 4 snappis, 5 motherease covers. Does that add up to $100? Dear me! Not sure. But you could always tell your hubby that you need to order them, coz they’ll pay for themselves by the time your lil boy is potty trained.

  6. Wendy says:

    I def. would have used cloth diapers if I had known about them when Lani was younger! I honestly don’t have the energy to start now!! (shh…don’t yell at me environmentalists) Besides, she will be potty trained soon:) LOL!!

  7. Kathie says:

    We’ve been using a mix of cloth and disposables since our 14 month old was born. A good friend sold us her slightly used Kissaluvs, size 0, which was pretty much our exclusive diaper for the first 4 months. Then we switched to pocket diapers- Green Acre Designs and bumGenius2.0 worked the best for us. Snap-EZ has the BEST materials from the ones we tried, but they didn’t fit my little one:(. And yes, as in some of the previous posts, we just shake/scrape the poop into the toilet- no dunking involved. While he was exclusively BF, I didn’t even do that- just tossed in the pail and washed a load every other day.

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