a whole day

Mommy went a whole day without the net. It wasn’t like some kind of self inflicted fast from an addiction, although perhaps that should happen sometimes! Deeder and I were out getting my haircut yesterday and when we got back (about 4:30) there was no connection, not a thing until just now–9pm.

It’s not that I crazily check and recheck things a million times a day–I just like to have my automatically refreshing email open so that I can see the second someone comments on one of brilliantly composed blog posts! :P

Of course there’s always the weather to check, and Facebook. Then in the evenings I must read all of your blogs and write a post of my own–in hopes that the morning will bring me a comment. I have thought about switching my routine around a bit to have the blogging in the morning, maybe get up before Deeder and eat breakfast and blog. That might be nicer–then I’d get to sleep earlier. But anyways…that hasn’t really happened!

We don’t pay for our Internet. We intended to–we had the installation package from Verizon to hook up the Internet. But just upon plugging in and switching the computer on we found that we were picking up a strong signal from some neighbor! It must be a house right next door because when we lived down the road a couple of blocks we had to pay for our own.

When there’s a bit of wind, or rain, or even if it’s just extra hot or cold out the connection gets weak and sometimes completely goes off. Darren jokingly suggested that we call all of our neighbors until we find out who’s signal we’re picking up. Once we find them we ought to complain about the lousy connection!

Anyway, I see that I’m still alive :)
Each time we tell each other that this is the last time–we really will hook up our own internet. To date though, it hasn’t been done. I think we’ve been here since March, yep pretty sure, that’s what I told the newspaper man anyway when I complained that I wasn’t getting my paper.

No comments on my corn chip post? I suppose you all have kids who wake up at midnight and beg for cornchips and refuse to sleep, eh? :D Or perhaps you’ve been in Deeder’s place (I know I have) unable to sleep at sleep time, totally full of energy despite your knowing that this isn’t energy time.

Oh well, I hope that’ll stay in the past! May Deeder forever need sleep when I want him to need it :) I’m thankful that his cold is leaving him alone a little. His nose is still running pretty good so I intend to keep him home and cozy for a bit yet.

Bye bye. I’m off to bed.

PS: The pictures are of Deeder watching Charlotte’s Web last night. For some reason I had it playing as I was getting the bath ready, no one was in there watching it. Weird how that happens sometimes :P
So I finish cleaning and filling the tub and turn around to undress Deeder and put him in. To my surprise he wasn’t standing there watching me like he usually does. I peaked into the other room and saw him flopped out on the bed watching the movie, and it looks like he was thinking of calling someone. :)

7 Responses to “a whole day”

  1. Pam says:

    I vote to share the internet with the neighbors as long as possible. Who needs an extra bill. We have our wireless secured — as NOT to share with the neighbors. But, if you ever move next door we would share with you!

  2. Gramma Momma says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re getting more rest, Sweetie.
    Diederick is so cute, watching the movie and getting ready to call someone; multi-tasking already!

  3. Lauren says:

    Happy Munday! Well it is for me anyway…skating on Sunday night til 10pm sure makes it difficult for me to get to bed. No one should exercise past 7pm (says me!).

    I have skating again tonight (7-10pm) and hopefully I’ll be able to sleep more soundly. Thankfully I do not skate tomorrow morning this week!

    Have a great day!!! :)

  4. stephanie smith says:

    I couldn’t help but chuckle alil….in the pics he has one sock on and other off. I thought that was so cute!! :P

  5. Jennifer says:

    He looks so LONG laying there on the bed!
    Yeah! For “borrowing” the Wi-Fi connection!

  6. Wendy says:

    We borrow our connection also:) Hey…if they don’t make it secure than why not? We haven’t lost it yet, but I am sure with the winter storms will come some outages!!

    Love the pictures of Deeder just chilling out on the bed!!

  7. Laura says:

    Good for you, Lauren :) I wish I had skating abilities…it’s so much fun. My silly body just can’t get good though :P And I’m not being hard on myself!!
    Yep, borrowing rocks :)

    Jen, Deeder is growing–I can tell too! But he still is a bit of a peanut :)

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