Happily Housebound


We walked through WalMart, Deeder and I. He found a push toy he liked and made his way through the whole crowded store with it. It was one of those toys that doesn’t double as anything, you just push it and it makes music…no batteries required. I just tried looking it up so I could link to is so you guys could see. Too plain of a thing to be featured on their website so you’ll just have to imagine it! :P

We took the bus there so we had to wander around for a whole hour. Really I wasn’t sure what on earth we were going to do at WalMart for an hour. I had $4 in the Ergo and enough change in my pocket for the ride home. I put Deeder in a cart and walked up and down a couple random aisles. He was starting to fall asleep so I went over to the toy section and let him get out.

He went right for a shiny red fire engine and was pushing it’s “Try Me!” button to make the siren go when an older child came and snatched it. Deeder looked at me as if to ask if that was OK to happen. I grabbed the closest thing, the music push toy of which I have no picture, and handed it to him. This was gladly accepted and after a few practice strolls up and down it was his. Well, his for an hour.

Deeder strolled into the cat food section pulling behind his push toy. He glanced around a bit then went over to a big bag of catfood and pointed at the face of the feline featured on the front of bag.

When he did that I was pretty sure I’d be going home to tell Daddy that his son mistook a cat for a dog. Deeder said, “Oggie?” in a soft hesitant voice. I didn’t say anything and he asked again, “Mom? Oggie?” I told him that it was a kitty and that kitties say meow. He just laughed :P

At the store all the Xmas decorations are set up in the outdoor gardening area. After meandering through the pet supplies Deeder pushed his little toy over there. He loved all the shiny glittery-ness of everything. I thought it was interesting how he seemed to be the only child in the store who wasn’t upset, and he wasn’t leaving with any of the toys.

That hour passed in no time at all. The initial parting with the push toy was tough. If I recall correctly, I snatched it from him and hid it behind another customer, plopped Deeder in the cart and sped off like something from a hit and run accident! Once the toy was out of sight my nice baby made no protests.

We were able to wait inside for the bus which was really nice. When we arrived at the terminal the bus that Deeder and I needed to take us home was parked and waiting. From the window I could see the driver getting coffee inside the terminal. But by the time we were off the bus he was pulling away.

WHAT?? How could he forget me? Soggy wet winter. And it’s DARK! Where am I supposed to go? I didn’t miss the bus…he missed me! This shouldn’t be happening!

Haha. OK. Well, I’m still alive.

We stood and stood and waited. Another bus came. It goes to a different town, somewhere I’m pretty sure I haven’t been before. The bus was jam packed with people bundled in snow gear, on top were skis and snowboard equipment. Anyway, I must have looked pretty needy because the driver told me he’d drop me off at my house.

The whole thing was just what Deeder needed, a little stressful on me for a couple seconds, but just what he needed. He was so happy he could hardly find room to be tired.
Thank God that bus came! I had no change left to call anyone and the roads are dimly lit and too dangerous for walking on.

Even laying in bed between the world of waking and the world of dreams my little man had a big smile on his face and the music of silly little giggles coming from his happy memories of our finally getting beyond our door.

6 Responses to “Happily Housebound”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Your description of sneaking the toy quickly away from the unsuspecting little man made me laugh, but I felt so bad about the bus driver forgetting you! I’m glad you made it home safe and sound.

    Has Diederick met a kitty in real life yet?

  2. Laura says:

    He met the kitties at your house back in May…

  3. Wendy says:

    I would be a hermit if I had to use public transportation:) Of course, I would also have to live in a town where it’s provided! The colors in that picture are my favorite to scrapbook with!

  4. Kathie says:

    Diederick looks so much taller in the picture. He’s really gone through a growth spurt:) I’m so glad the other bus driver was able to take you home. we ride the bus a lot, but it’s easy in a big city- there’s almost always another bus in about 20 minutes.

  5. Sarah says:

    I love your blog post, Lars! It is wonderful how you describe everything. And I felt so proud that Diederick was the only kid who wasn’t fussing about toys.
    Diederick is getting so tall! And I loved how he said “Mom? Oggie?” That’s a whole baby sentence!

  6. […] this toy? Mommy just HAD to buy it! Recently it was featured in a story I told about one of our trips to WalMart. He loved it so much. And what first time mom can refuse buying something that their child adores? […]

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