“wuh dah?”


OK, well, I guess I’m back now. :)

Thanks, Mom, for blogging for me…the pictures were great! Diederick didn’t like the idea of me being the baby in the picture. When I pointed to me in the pictures and said “Mommy” he looked back and me and shook his head.

So new word in Deeder Land: “Wuh dah?” I think it means, “What’s that?” It began yesterday when we were watching some snow be hauled away from in front of our house.






These trucks may mean nothing to you, but oh boy, were they ever a happy sight for us! :)

And Deeder loves big trucks, no matter what it is that they do.

Here’s a snap of him watching them go by:


I’m not sure what he’s thinking. Future heavy machinery operator?
The nice part was how occupied he was with watching the snow be taken away. I did laundry and got the kitchen all cleaned up (including the swiffering) without him noticing. :)

If he is trying to say “What’s that” I hope he refines it a little because he really sounds like a baby. Silly guy!

Walking around a familiar place pointing at his various toys and household objects saying “Wuh dah?” doesn’t seem like very nearly-18-month-old type behavior! All the same, I thought it was cute and he loved how I replied every time with naming whatever he was pointing to. Perhaps we are making language building progress.

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  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Hi, Sweetie,

    Welcome back!

    Philip, as a little boy, was very entertained by whatever big vehicles were outside, as your little guy is. :)

    All of you kiddos were verbal early on, I seem to recall. If Diederick understands what you’re saying to him, that’s a good thing, even if he’s not speaking much himself yet.

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