Diederick Dale: 18 Months!

I hardly feel that I need to add words to this long series of pictures! I will though, but first I ought to clean up my kitchen. Apologies to those who receive my posts via RSS Feed.


This little handsome man turned 1 1/2 yesterday. Isn’t he beautiful?? Check out those blue eyes. They are getting darker, but still quite clearly blue.


Mommy has recently discovered that the pestering to be picked up while she’s working in the kitchen stops when he’s allowed to climb up on a chair and “help” with the cleaning or cooking! It works wonderfully because he understands, “no” and seeks with all his heart (most of the time) to please. Here he is pretending to take a sip of Daddy’s coffee. The word “hot” has just reverently passed his lips, he darent tip the cup for fear of spilling it’s imaginary contents.


Deeder loves combining his toys in games. In this picture I’ve just kicked him his ball and he’s getting ready to push it around with the toy you see him heading for. It’s really great to see this bit of imagination coming into his games! This way we get more use out of the many things I’ve bought for him on impulse. :P


Recognize this toy? Mommy just HAD to buy it! Recently it was featured in a story I told about one of our trips to WalMart. He loved it so much. And what first time mom can refuse buying something that their child adores? The breaking point was when he headed right for it on a trip there two whole weeks later. I decided that it could be his 18 month birthday gift. That’s fair enough, eh? I paid $10 for the silly thing!

Also, I must mention that he carried it over to me for this picture just because I asked him to. What a wonderful child! I’m making lots of requests like this of him in training for when I’m helpless after Carly’s delivery which, Lord willing, wont be until this summer. This morning he brought me both of my socks which I pointed out to him from all the way across the room, he even attempted putting them on my feet–I thought that was pretty interesting.


Hehe! Mommy lets me eat snack on the table sometimes!! Just when Daddy’s not looking! :P

Actually the idea behind this is for him to soak up all the morning sunshine possible! I find that the more he gets the more apt he is to be cheerful throughout the day. The sun shines between 8am and 1pm when it comes out. After that the cloud cover of gray comes, then 4:15 evening darkness sets in. We’ll live through it! I’m counting down the days until spring time.


See that mouth? I can get anything in there. Maybe he’s going through a growth spurt or maybe it has something to do with his not going through any teething this month! Whatever the case I can tell you that it sure makes my life easier having a kid who will eat anything. Oh and what an appetite! Since I’ve been pregnant (that’s how I measure time now) he’s gained 5 lbs! That’s 5lbs to my 8lbs, wow, huh? Whenever I’m hungry so is he. Carly and I get half a sandwich and he eats the other–it’s SO convenient!

Oh! And Deeder’s learning new words!! Just since my last post on language actually. Today he said “light” and “fan” and yesterday he said “car” and “kitty” and “up”. He’s also doing new signs from his baby sign board book. Mommy is very impressed!


The extensive hours spent with me as his only friend tends to clingy-ness. He often asks to be held–not just when he’s tired. And since I don’t have any pressing engagements I often comply without thinking about it. This isn’t a good thing! To remedy the matter I work on getting him to practice independent play; after I know he’s been fed, taken on a recent trip to the potty and had a reasonable amount of mommy time I close him in his room and go do some cooking or cleaning. First week or so he acted like I was putting him in time out, after a while though he adjusted to the idea of being without Mommy and on most days will continue on with the game that we were playing–I don’t have to close the door anymore.

Why’s this so important to me? When I was working at the YMCA drop in room (where parents leave their kids for up to 2 hours while they work out) I found a totally consistent pattern of behavior with the children of stay-at-home mothers–they had no idea how to play alone and would cry insanely unless they had full attention of an adult. Extremely frustrating because I was the only one who worked there and quite often had 10 kids at a time. I vowed that my child(ren) would NEVER be that way!


Deeder’s getting good use out of the John Deere tractor that I bought him for his 1 year old birthday! He drives it around, carries it (no kidding!) and flips it over for routine mechanic work. :)

Oh and see that whisk in his hand? He ALWAYS has either a whisk, spatula, or wooden spoon in his hand at all times. Sometimes he even insists on it taking a nap with him. At the end of the day it goes through the dishwasher. First thing in the morning he goes over to the dishwasher and asks for it.


Spitting is a favorite past time for Deeder. Why? I’m not quite sure. But I do hope he gets over it!


Checking the weather. Looks good! A nice warm day: warmed all the way up to 30 degrees!! WOW! We had a nice long walk. :) To the bakery that we used to frequent in the summer and home again. Deeder had his glass of milk and I had a mocha, we shared a raspberry apple scone which was absolutely delicious. All in all I spent $4.78–so worth it!


New talent: climbing chairs. Here observe the chair next to the stool. He pushed the chair all the way from the table then got the stool from the computer desk seen above. Together they make the perfect ladder up to the silverware drawer which he’s been dying to get into for the longest time. I had to oblige him just this once simply because I was so impressed with how he premeditated this big time no-no!


Sorry, Mom, I just had to include this picture. I can’t believe he climbed into the drawer! And I promise, I did remove him quite hastily! How would I explain if his weight overcome the drawer??

Mommy better put everything back in order before Daddy gets home. This never happened! You’re all sworn to silence. :) Hey, at least my child isn’t agile enough to climb atop the refrigerator–yet.

I wish I could add a picture of him sleeping. It’s the cutest thing how he sleeps on his belly with his butt up, knees folded in fast to his chest. He holds his teddy bear from Grampa and Grandma H. tightly in his left arm close to his body, with the other arm he holds his cow blankie up against his cheek. If I go in to pick him up before he’s awake I find that he hasn’t moved at all. Comfy position I guess :P

Happy 1 1/2 baby boy. :)
I love you more than anything. Well, maybe you’re equal with Daddy!

6 Responses to “Diederick Dale: 18 Months!”

  1. Wendy says:

    I loved all the pictures:) Especially the one of him on the table! I think that if Lani would eat, I would let her sit on top of the fridge;) LOL!! Happy 18 months little Deeder….

  2. Gramma Momma says:

    Great post, Sweetie! I sure enjoyed all the photos of the cute little boy, even the one of him sitting in the drawer. You know how cautious I am, so I AM thankful that you snatched Diederick out of there quickly. :)

  3. Jennifer says:

    Happy 18 months Deeder! You’re getting so big! Great pictures! :)

  4. Lauren says:

    I cant believe he got into the drawer! too cute! Great pictures :)

    have a great day…we’re getting *SNOW* today!! yippiee! (Im sure you have more than enough!)

  5. Kathie says:

    Wow!! His speech development has been amazing in the last couple of weeks. Go Deeder! He’s going to be such a good big brother to Carly.

  6. Deeder is so cute and up to the same mischief and scling the heights as my twin boys. I love this series of photos and the stories.
    I wrote an 18 /12 letter to my boys (it is on my blog)… I have to go back and include photos now.

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