Reading Baby.

This is pretty interesting:

A little girl in the UK “reading” before the age of two. Anyone ever heard of doing this?

13 Months

17 Months

I’ve heard of children reading young. But this, pretty incredible. Watch the little girl though, check out those fluttering arms and kicking legs. Isn’t that characteristic of autism? That’s what pediatricians say anyway. I know that it isn’t always the case, some kids just do it out of habit or simply when they’re really excited.
There’s another video of her walking in which she points at things in the room and makes eye contact with the camera person, those are certainly two things that don’t belong to an autistic child.

Personally I don’t believe that early reading necessarily puts a child ahead of their peers. Statistically early readers are usually at the same level with their age mates in school.
I do have siblings who are avid readers, who just soaked up any written material from an early age and as a result are just full of love of learning appreciation for culture and diversity. This is great! They all initiated the interest in literacy on their own which is important. Since they did love reading so much they learned at a faster rate.

When I watch these videos I am under the impression that it’s the parent who is guiding the activity. I see that otherwise this child who be like any other, looking at books upside down and creating an imaginary story in their own words. She’s learning to sight read. Will this be helpful in the future? It may be that in 1st grade this will handicap her when phonics is being taught.

What are your thoughts on this baby reading thing?

I don’t really have any conclusion. My reaction is just, “Hmmm….that’s interesting, and strange!”

Is she needing to hop down from that couch and run around like other 17 month olds?
It’d be mistaken to say that the parents are necessarily WRONG for pursuing something like this. I did notice that the mother asked the girl if she was tired of the activity.

I wondered to myself why I reacted differently to this than I did to the signing video that I shared with you a few months ago.

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  1. Dor says:

    If they are using sight reading and continue with that only it might be problematic for phonics but they’ve obviously got a lot of time to employ other teaching methods. The baby seems to enjoy doing it which is good. As for the hands and feet thing, Amos used to do that (more of a rotating motion though) when he was excited as a baby and he certainly doesn’t have autism. A love for words often translates into a love for reading and a large vocabulary. Obviously most children don’t have an aptitude or desire for learning words this early, but I think it’s great this one does.
    Perhaps you tend to react negatively to parenting choices outside of your own use and experience because that which you don’t do with your son seems questionable and even undesirable. I suspect that pretty natural. :)

  2. Laura says:

    or it just goes back to my ECE days where all they talk about is open ended and free play!

  3. Kathie says:

    It’s interesting, but a bit too formal of an approach for me. While I’m sure it would boost my ego to be able to say that my toddler was reading, I don’t see myself making flash cards for a 17 month old:). We do have large magnetic letters for the refrigerator and foam ones for the bathtub for informal teaching- all of which he loves.

  4. I think she is pretty unusual and it is very interesting . She may be a genius but there is so much time for learning later for my little boys – most 17 month olds would be running,climbing and playing.

    Babyamore (Trish)’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – want a kiss bro’

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