Well I’m not on TopMomma yet. They must have lost me or something.

I still go on to give my friend Trish clicks :P

Anyway, just now I came across a blog called mod*mom. She’s having a VD giveaway. Jam-packed with all kinds of mommy goodies!

Check it out!


Today is also the last day for entries in Pink and Blues Virtual Baby Shower

And for sadness and honesty, and maybe a laugh, here’s a picture of my son begging to watch TV. No, I didn’t let him. We went into his room, turned on music and built with blocks. Obviously, to know what a remote does, he does get to watch movies sometimes. Indeed there even have been the times when I put in a movie for him just so that I can get a load of laundry folded.


His favorite movie is Shrek.

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  1. mod*mom says:

    you’re sweet valentine!

    i added you to my valentine’s blogroll :)

    enter all the giveaways before midninght pst, to win prizes :)

    p.s. he’s a cutie! mod*tot watched baby einstein so i could shower :)

    mod*mom’s last blog post..happy valentine’s day! enter my valentine’s giveaways before midnight :)

  2. Aww – Deeder is very cute – how could you not resist .S & J love the remotes -which their big brother leaves lying around but they don’t ever sit still long enough to watch the TV and don’t have a favourite movie.
    Laura – you are too sweet. Deeder’s pciture is going to be a winner for sure.
    I keep seeing those numbers of Carly go down – almost in double digits wow!

    Babyamore (Trish)’s last blog post..Screen Clean Tip

  3. Laura says:

    Hi Mod*mom! thanks for dropping by :)

    I’m so excited that you have the new Vibe Phil & Ted stroller in your give-away…I was sure to enter for that one!! Oh would that ever be nice. Since I do SO much walking! I already have a Mercedes of strollers, one of the 2007 Bumble Ride strollers. It so rocks, but is a single so wont be as handy for two kids.
    Trish, I’m watching the numbers go down too…so exciting. I’m already psyching myself up for labor. I do love giving birth, even though it hurts. :P It’s trilling to think that in hardly any time at all I’ll have another bundle of joy in my arms.

  4. Kathie says:

    Deeder is adorable! Our TV is so old (it’s B&W) that we don’t have a remote, hence J thinks a remote is a telephone. I guess it does kind of look like our cordless phones. When he finds a remote at someone else’s house, he runs around with it cradled between his ear and shoulder.

    I REALLY hope we all get to vote for you on the Pinks and Blues Baby Shower!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Two peas in a pod, those boys! They’d be the best of friends!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..In One Piece

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