Diederick Dale: 19 Months

My baby boy turned 19 months yesterday. :)


I’m just so proud of him for staying sane in these last 30 days. Seriously! It has to be hard on a boy his age to be inside so much. His little legs just want to run and jump. He needs more fresh air in his lungs, and free space to run.
Soon, baby, soon.

This month has been huge for language development. Not only is he giving names to things in his environment, he’s connecting words. This morning, for example, Darren had to leave early for work on a mandate. Deeder didn’t approve at all and hardly would let go of Darren, he insisted, “I come!” Both Darren and I heard it clear as day! The baby knows about 20 words.

Challenging this language growth, hoping to encourage it and see just how far his understanding goes I enjoy sending him on little missions. Maybe I’m also training him to be a big helper boy for when Carly arrives in four months? Socks and shoes are something that he understands well.
Mommy: “Deeder, bring me your shoes, please.”
Deeder: goes over to the shoe rack and picks out a pair, brings it to Mommy.
Mommy: “Where did you leave your socks?”
Deeder: runs over to toy shelf and points to his socks which he’s nicely tucked away inside his Bumbo, points proudly at them and says, “Ock, Mom”
Mommy: “Can you come put them on?”
Deeder: sits by Mommy and wraps his sock around his foot and tries to put on shoe.
Mommy puts Deeder’s socks and shoes on. :P


Diederick is a very caring young man. His love runs deepest for his daddy and mommy, and his playmates. All of his toys are named “Oggie” even though he knows that they aren’t all dogs. In the above picture he’s holding his most favorite stuffed animal in his mouth, this toy is a bear, but of course its name (according to Deeder) is Oggie. This is an ongoing joke between the two of us. He’ll shove it in my face and say, “Mom! Oggie” (grin) to this Mommy replies, “No, it’s a bear. Bears say ROAR!” Deeder always bursts into hysterics when I make my bear noise, he could go back and forth on the Bear, no Oggie business forever and still enjoy the joke equally each time.


Mega blocks continue to be a favorite activity. They’re amazingly versatile: they can serve as an upbeat energy releasing activity or a calming cool down activity, all depends on the time of day and mood. Best $4 I ever spent? Maybe. Right now anyway it’s looking like it was a pretty good investment!

Food. We’re ALWAYS eating.


In this picture he’s busy consuming an all time favorite lunch, peanut butter and jam with cottage cheese on the side. See how he even guards the food from slipping off the tray as he scoops with the spoon? Do I have a genius or what?

This month Deeder’s also been practicing walking down the stairs like a big boy, scary, but exciting too. Watching him I have to try to rise above my mommy fears of him falling and just applaud his success and stand alert for catching him if he should take a tumble.


Life is full of lessons. This month’s lesson for Diederick has been patience.


He highly dislikes some of the limitations in his world, but he copes with frustration pretty well.

A primary frustration is the inability to come and go as he pleases. I wonder if he remembers summer time or if it’s just a crazy desire to be near Daddy who is continually goes outside with Doggie that drives Deeder to want to be outdoors.
He is also bothered by the change in our story times together. Mommy has almost entirely run out of room to hold him on her lap and this is very sad for Deeder. The time will come again soon when I have room for him, as will the days when he can play outside.

We have a silly little game/exercise called High Stepping Baby that we play when I can see a melt down coming on. As his face starts to scrunch up for a good scream I say, “Hey, Deeder! Can you do the high stepping baby move?” His frown goes away and is replaced by a smile. He dances his feet up and down, like a skip and march in place together. Mommy no doubt looks hysterical when she does the High Stepping Baby, but Deeder doesn’t care and together we enjoy the merriment of our silly move.

To this little blurb of what Deeder is doing this month I could add more, much more…


But this is getting to be much too long already!
Allow me just one more Mommy-brag moment, k?

I’ll tell you of the lovely way Deeder picks up the bits of his snack that he’s dropped on the floor. That’s cute! After I take him out of his chair he checks out the surrounding area and collects cheerios, soup crackers or sandwich crusts which were dropped at some point during the meal. He doesn’t eat them, he puts them on the table, assuming that I will clean them up. He will put things in the trash can, but only upon request.

OK. :P

I’m done.

Happy 19 Months, Deeder Bug! Mommy and Daddy love you so much :D


Sometimes Daddy says that it would be so nice if we could just keep you this age forever. You’re so much fun and you’re not embarrassed of us yet!
Part of your beauty though, little boy, is how much you’re growing and learning every day.

6 Responses to “Diederick Dale: 19 Months”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    The picture of Diederick leaning on Darren is SO very cute. I really enjoyed your post. The little boy is learning so much, so quickly.

    Gramma Momma’s last blog post..Saturday To-Do List

  2. I have got to sit this week and observe my twins and see what they do – they are changing so fast. Deeder is so cute and clever.

    Babyamore (Trish)’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  3. Kathie says:

    The picture with Darren is just precious:) Great post, too!

  4. Marylin says:

    oh he is just adorable! It’s so wonderful when they start listening to instructions and actually do them – enjoy that bit cause soon he’ll love being defiant! hehe
    Happy 19 months Deeder! ((cyber cuddle))

    Marylin’s last blog post..Weekly Winners #8

  5. Rebecca says:

    I love baby updates. I think my favorite picture is the one of him on the stairs. He looks so proud of himself!

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Weekly Winners for February 10-16

  6. Wendy says:

    Happy 19 months Deeder:) Isn’t this such a fun stage?!? We love it also. So much fun!!!

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