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The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 has ended.
Final assignment:

Sometime next week, publish a post introducing a handful of the cool new blogs you visited. It’s hard to pick just a few… but try to spread a little link love to some of your new favorites.

First, a Thank You to the ladies who stopped by my blog. I don’t have an official count on how many people visited in this past week who weren’t usuals. There were 17 who commented.

It was nice to have some new people, some of you have come back and continued reading my stuff–pretty cool.

Here’s my list of people who I added to my blogroll:


All About the Three

A mom of three kids. Her two oldest two are adopted and the youngest is a girl, she’s three years old and sounds like lots of fun.

Live, Laugh, Blog

Christian mom of two little girls. She writes about daily life and has plenty of picture of her two little beauties! This mommy is just three months into the whole blog addiction and doing pretty well at picking up the practice.

Memoirs of a Mommy

Another busy stay-at-home mom. Her four kids are all girls, it’s funny that that seems like a lot to me even though I am one of six girls, and had three brothers too.
My bloggy friend Wendy won a really cool bag via Memoirs of a Mommy about a month ago. Cool, huh? Small big world.

My Life As A Book
This lady’s name is Corie and she’ll be a first time mommy sometime in June. We actually have the same due date, June 2nd. I wish she were a Blog 365 gal. :(
She’s needing help with baby names, so if you have any great ideas drop by her site and let her know. We sure had a tough time with Deeder!


Because I love blogs about multiples!


There were 1493 blogs submitted to this years party. Can you believe that??
I spent a total of about six hours looking at them and can’t have even touched a third of that! Out of only 150 prizes the chances of me winning anything are slim, slim, slim.

If you’re someone looking for my list of prize picks… ;)

Click here.

The only ones on the list that I really don’t want/need would be the blog makeovers–I think mine is just perfect! Right? It is, isn’t it? :P

Speaking of things being perfect. Today I did a huge shopping at Carters. It was their big 50% off baby sale–I couldn’t resist.

No one buy me newborn size baby girl clothes! Well, OK. I always accept gifts–but how about a bigger size than Newborn? Wouldn’t it be funny if she turns out to be a 9lb baby. Hmm. Well, I guess I could just use all of this for gifts then.

I think Carly will be totally stocked for the time that she’s that tiny. Now all I have to do is organize my little baby things (I already set up her bed) and sit back and wait. What’s the count down number now? Oi.

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  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Hi, Sweetie,
    When Reb and I were out today, I bought some things for Carly in the size you told me. I hope that’s still OK. :P
    I’ll check out some of your new-found bloggy friends.
    Hope you guys have a good Sunday. We might have to stay home, since Seth is really sick with a fever, headache and chills, and Dad isn’t home to drive everyone else to church. :(

    Gramma Momma’s last blog post..Something Lovely

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