Diederick Dale: 20 Months


Do I really need words?? OK, OK.

I’ll add them. He’s fun and full of attitude. The end!

img_3490.jpgHis favorite word is “NO!”
Ever since he’s been old enough to sit when playing with his toys he’s been singing. I don’t know if it’s to his toys, or to himself, or maybe even to whomever is around. But it’s cute, and I completely love how content he is, peaceful and absorbed in song. In the beginning it was, “lalala” “bababa” “mamamama”.

Now it’s “No nuh no no no no no, na na, no nuh no no noooooo. Mmmm muhhh nah nah na no nuh noooo” And over again.
I haven’t asked him about it, I just smile to myself and continue on with whatever I’m doing and I can’t believe he’s already talking like a toddler. As with his singing of past days he’s not looking at me as he sings; I’m pretty sure it’s a lullaby to himself.
The worst bit of “No!” isn’t redirecting him when he’s having a rebellious flash, that’s pretty easy since he really is a mild mannered kid by nature. The worst part is that *everyone* thinks it’s funny to see a short person who toddles and sports a cute baby voice say this word, scowl and stomp his foot. They laugh as if it were something from the top of a childhood hilarity list, perhaps even a trick that I had successfully taught him myself. This is not helpful!
I do realize that it is cute, cute and dangerous. If you’ve had kids, or know some you know potential outcomes on treating this like a joke. :P


Speaking of lullabies, I think a bit of Best News for this months is Deeder’s sleeping! He’s been sleeping like a lamb.

Lambs do sleep well, right? Or is it one of those sayings that are really oxymorons, like “Easy as pie.” I’m 23 and have yet to make a pie perfectly, or even close to resembling one. Not that I’ve tried too many times.

Anyway, today I mean “Sleeps like a lamb” to mean that he’s sleeping beautifully.

Reading got cut from the night time routine because he stopped trusting me to read to him during the day–thinking I suppose that I’d toss him in the crib as soon as I’d finished reading the last paragraph and closed the book. This of course was not good.

After bath Deeder and I go into his bedroom and I hand him his teddy, pick him and Teddy up and we slow dance together around the room with the lights off until I feel the fast energy pitter pat of his heart slow into sleepy time slow…I turn the music box on lay him down. He snuggles close to his blankie and closes his eyes. The dude is (usually) out for 12 hours, cuddled close to that teddy and the cow blanket. It’s a dream just to see–my little lovey.

When he is awake he wants to be outside. So that’s, um…between 7:30am and 2pm, 4pm and 7:30pm!
We aren’t outside all that time, I can manage to distract him with toys, books and other indoor activities for some portions of the day. Thankfully the weather has been warmer in the last few weeks, so going outside is messy not so much dangerous. The road is of course a danger and I do have to keep a pretty good eye on him because he tends to stray that way.

In the picture he’s standing on our landlady’s porch. This is against the rules. Don’t know why. She said she doesn’t want him getting it dirty. Um. Dirty? Yes, that’s what she said.
Rules are rules though.
Standing up there gives him a King of the Castle feeling which I hate to rob him of! Yes, this picture was taken after she’d left. You wont tell, will you?

He does love the mud.
Maybe she plans on pressure washing and restaining her porch and doesn’t want him to get in the habit of stamping childhood all over it.


Deeder continues to be a do it himself-er. This month he’s finally strong enough to lift and carry as he’s always wanted. Dishes are a big favorite, well, playing in the water while I do the dishes. He’s decided that eating in the highchair is for babies which of course he no longer is! We’ve accepted this for the most part and allow him to eat standing on a chair rather than battle him on the issue.


Deeder may appear to be reckless but he isn’t, it’s all a front! Ever since he fell head-first off the table–I don’t think that made it into a blog entry!–he hasn’t been the same. He never stands on the table anymore, just sits to look out the window. And at the top of the stairs he crawls a few paces before standing. He doesn’t stand too close to ledges and holds the railing when he walks down. If he encounters a step that he estimates to be too big for him to handle he calls for help, “Up?”

No complete sentences yet. Seems you can get through life with just a few words properly placed.

Have I given you enough words for the 20 Month update?
Just keep reading every day for more. ;)

“There must be some reason why Daddy does this so much…”


7 Responses to “Diederick Dale: 20 Months”

  1. Kathie says:

    I love the last picture with the snow shovel. At least you’ve tried to make a pie! I’ve never even tried, since I’ve heard the crust is so hard to do well.

  2. Gramma Momma says:

    Well, the little guy is sure growing up. That’s so sweet that he sings to himself.
    Glad to hear he’s been “sleeping like a lamb”, too. :) More rest for you is a good thing.
    I’m going to have to do a post soon about how you were Seth’s favorite when he was a little one. Let’s see; I think you had just turned 11 when he was born. Do you remember how you could always comfort him when he was fussy? I guess I was reminded of that by you telling how you calm Diederick down before putting him in his bed. :)

    Gramma Momma’s last blog post..How Social Darwinism has helped to undermine the family

  3. Gramma Momma says:

    P.S. – The trick to pie crust is BE GENTLE WITH IT. If you roll it out vigorously, or reshape it, it will be tough. Also, don’t put too much water in it. Just follow any Betty Crocker recipe. That’s what I did as a beginning cook, and it turned out fine.

    You ladies can do it!

    Gramma Momma’s last blog post..How Social Darwinism has helped to undermine the family

  4. Laura says:

    Today I gave Deeder his first hair cut. And I didn’t even get a before shot. :( It was at bathtime. I trimmed around the ears and at his neck, really looks quite nice. Lets see if Daddy notices.

    Thanks for commenting! I think this one was too long for everyone else! I tend to get less comments when my entries are long.

  5. Wendy says:

    Aww! Happy 20 months:) He is the cutest!!

    Wendy’s last blog post..Announcing the winner!!

  6. Sarah says:

    I loved it!
    The singing is so cte..the pictures are awesome and I loved what you said about the land lady’s front porch ‘guess she doesn’t want childhood stomped on it.’

    Sarah’s last blog post..Taking a Minute

  7. Rebecca says:

    Great update!

    Rebecca’s last blog post..::: dance of joy :::

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