Yah for Yellow, and silly squirrel…

And some words too, cuz that’s always nice. :)

So I know that most of you have had Spring right outside your door for more than just a little while now, but it is new to me so I can’t help but overload on pictures of blooms now that they’re here. Now that Spring is here you’d think that our winter was no longer than anyone elses. It’s hot out, dry and and the warm wind is full of dust and bits of garbage and loose grass. The evenings are cool, but not below freezing. As daylight turns to dusk you can hear birds twittering, it’s wonderful.

Speaking of birds…

Here’s a little caught-in-action clip of the little dude who steals their feed. He knows how to knock the top down all by himself.

An update on life with Deeder. Or life with Mommy–depending on whose perspective you’d like to take.
Deeder’s been loving the outdoors, I guess that’s no new news…this is the same baby who wanted to be outside even below freezing with a cold wind and snow.
Anyway, because of Mommy and her fat swollen feet he’s had to stay inside. Mommy can’t handle more than an hour outside without having to come in and put her feet up for a while. Her back is also bothing her quite a bit now; between the aching back and stronger than ever kicks from Carly Mommy often has trouble getting much sleep at night which can make for a hard morning.

Mommy’s still determined to make the best of these last few weeks alone with Deeder by doing special things, outings when she feels up to it and when she feels down just hanging out together with a happy face on!

The plan this morning is to go to Paula’s Playgroup. The walk is about a mile and half, if that. It’s still cool out that early in the morning–yes, for us 9:30 is early, despite the fact that breakfast and waking are at 7:30–but by 11 when group is done it’ll be pretty warm out. So we’re hoping that Daddy might pick us up. Pretty please, Daddy?
He probably wont mind!
It’s also a pretty steep walk, easy downhill…hard going up.

Deeder’s going to wear his cool new Mr. Mischief shirt from Lauren. It’s so cute, just perfect for him!

BTW, Lauren, he adores the little magnet hand doggie! I’ll get some pictures soon. Thank you again for thinking of us. :)

2 Responses to “Yah for Yellow, and silly squirrel…”

  1. Lauren says:

    Hooray for spring! we’ve had Rain since sunday – this system has just plopped itself over us and has not moved! seriously!
    Im glad he likes the little dog – I thought it would be fun for him to stick to the fridge and make the hands and feet attach :) Oh and the shirt was too cute to pass up! I was hoping the size was okay and it seems to work for now!

  2. Marylin says:

    Hope you have a nice day honey :)

    Not long to go now till you’ll be a family of four! It’s so wonderful to see the little ones bonding, you will adore being able to watch them grow up together! After the sleepless nights have become a little less of course… ;)


    Marylin’s last blog post..It doesn’t get better than this?

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