Thursday’s Thirteen


Image Answers
(snagged from my mom’s blog)

here’s how it goes:

* Start at PhotoBucket (or any image search)
* Type your answer to the 13 questions in the SEARCH box.
* Choose a graphic from the first page that comes up.
* Insert the picture into your weblog.

1st Q: What is your current relationship status?


2nd Q: What is your current mood?

Procrastinating (one of my top qualities! ;) )


3rd Q: What is your favorite band/singer?


(really I hardly listen to music anymore–other than Deeder’s stuff!)


4th Q: What is your favorite movie?

Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run

5th Q: Where do you live?



6th Q: Where do you work?


7th Q: What do you look like?

very pregnant

8th Q: What do you drive?

I walk

i walk alone

9th Q: What is your favorite TV show?

We don’t have TV, but I did like 3rd Rock.

3rd Rock From The Sun

10th Q: Describe yourself


11th Q: What are you doing today?

Going to music class


12th Q: What did you do last night?


13th Q: What is your name?

my mommy's name

my life as a mommy !

Pretty simple, kinda cute too. Hope you didn’t mind! :)
Feel free to copy this idea over into your next Thursday’s Thirteen if you like the idea.

I think this took me a tops of 20 minutes to finish…that’s way less time than I spent on the Thursday 13 with all the old Deeder baby pics, goodness that took forever!

Anyway, happy May everyone!! I’m so excited for this month…
Darren’s birthday’s coming up, so is Carly’s due date.

5 Responses to “Thursday’s Thirteen”

  1. Wendy says:

    I did something similar on my blog a while back! I thought it was really fun.

    Wendy’s last blog post..Munchlers

  2. GrammaMomma says:

    That turned out really nicely. I especially liked the one: I dreamed my house was clean. :)

    GrammaMomma’s last blog post..(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  3. wow – that was great Laura ! I am going to copy it.
    I had my twins at 35wks 4 days – 35 wks 3 days was my last day pregnant … aww I miss it (a little LOL)
    I am so excited for you to be meeting Carly soon.

    Babyamore (Trish)’s last blog post..Hot Hunk Thursday …

  4. Oh, I just tagged you to for a meme- didn’t know you already did this one too, as well. :-)

    Heather (A Mama’s Blog)’s last blog post..Four Things Meme

  5. Jennifer says:

    Super cute!!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Now I Know My ABC’s

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