“I heart my Aunties”

Deeder got a new onesie! :)

This is the first thing Mommy has EVER won! I’m so happy that it fits him. It’s a 18M size which he hasn’t worn in a long time, so very cool.
I’ll have to air dry this one so that it’ll fit a little while, maybe even long enough for him to wear it in WA? That’d be pretty sweet.
When I entered to win this cute onesie I was thinking of Carly but am thankful Deeder will get to wear it a little too.

Certainly not a professional photo shoot!
But enough for you to get the general idea…

Thanks, Heather, author of A Mama’s Blog for this one. :)

3 Responses to ““I heart my Aunties””

  1. Oh, Deeder looks so cute! I’m so happy he will be able to wear it too, and it does seem like it is a “big” 18 months. :-) Thanks so much for posting the pictures. I have yet to win anything myself from any giveaways, but I guess eventually your number comes around. :-) Enjoy-

    Heather (A Mama’s Blog)’s last blog post..Four Things Meme

  2. Auntie Sarah says:

    I love it, I love it!
    That is actually a one-sie that I have never seen. The only ‘auntie’ one that I have see are the ones that say “You think I am cute, you should see my aunt!”

    Auntie Sarah’s last blog post..Taking the Good

  3. Gramma Momma says:

    That’s neat that Diederick gets to wear the onesie, because his aunties certainly <3 him!

    Gramma Momma’s last blog post..Where are you going, my little one?

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