Yes, please!

Early on in our engagement I went with my mom and a couple of sisters to meet with a lady who’d recently had a fabulous success planning a wedding for her daughter. She told us that if anyone offered to help with the wedding or reception never to say no. She claimed that I should have nothing to worry about aside from fitting into my dress and looking happy!

Today when Tammy and Hannah offered to come and stay with us after Diederick’s arrival I was reminded of her advice on accepting help. Ladies, I’d love to have your company!! Darren says that it’s ok, as long as he doesn’t have to share a bathroom with three women. That doesn’t seem that an unreasonable thing to ask. :P Perhaps I can work something out for us to have available the suite above Darren and my apartment, it’d be so much better than trying to find a decent hotel.

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  1. Cadet says:

    Yay! I can finally commment!! :D You probably wondered why no one was commmenting…

    But wah wah! I wish I could be the one to come and stay with you!!!!!!! :( *Cadet sighs very loudly* But that’s good that you’ll be getting help after all. :)

  2. Laura says:

    Cadety, I’m glad you finally made it home! Mama sure has missed you and Biddy. I hope you write a nice long post about your sleepover! :)

    I’m sorry you guys can’t come too. It would have been super groovy awesome. :( Diederick and I will come and visit, I promise. And we’ll have loads of fun then, k?

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