Two weeks left

Diederick’s due date is coming up! The days are going by so slowly, it’s unbelievable. Tomorrow is my 38 week mark.

Today at my o.b appointment the midwife said that I continue to do well and that Diederick sounds very healthy. She encouraged me to drink more water and get at least twenty minutes of walking in every day. We also talked about the proper way to push a baby out when the time comes. :P Seems like the difference between the right way and the wrong way is pretty subtle. My mom’s advice was to try to relax through the whole thing and to sleep during the beginning of labor so that I won’t be tired when it’s actually time for the work to start, that sounds good to me.

I continue to work on organizing the house. Seems that as soon as I think that I’ve got it all done I notice something else that could have a better place, or be neater. As far as clothes being organized and furniture in place I think I’m all good.

Humidity is still really high. A person can sit inside all day and hardly move around at all and still pour down sweat. Really crazy! The weather guy keeps saying that temperatures will go down, I’m still waiting for that to actually happen. Even when it’s raining–which it does every other day–it’s still around 80 degrees. We have one air conditioned room and boy am I thankful for it!

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