Just a video today

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday. But there was this really sweet video!

Darren gets today off! This will be the first 4th of July he’s had away from work since we’ve been here. I totally hope we make it to the fireworks display. :)
They don’t light it over water or anything, just off a huge hill and people crowd together in a park. How Vermont typical, huh? Um, if you live here feel free to correct me. I haven’t really ever gone before.

Hope you like the video of the kids in Deeder’s room. And maybe if we do go to the fireworks I’ll get to try for some pictures. I’d be super proud if anything turned out!

Back to the video: I thought that it would be a good test of how comfortable Deeder really is with Carly if I were to casually put her in his beloved bed while he was focusing on another activity in the general area–see if he’d notice.

Oh hey, please stand and say “I” if you live in California, er, type it, um, not say it…that wouldn’t be helpful since I can’t actually hear you. Why do I care? Because you’re almost ALWAYS logged on! So you must like visiting and I just wonder who you are. :) I’m not trying to be mean or anything by asking. I know I claim to, “just write because I enjoy it” but really that just sounds good.

So does hiding in a cupboard half your size. Until you want to get out!

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  1. lauren says:

    I was in Vermont for one 4th of July – well sorta. We watched the fireworks in Burlington on the 3rd (not sure why they do it on the 3rd?? maybe b/c people usually have to return to work on the 5th?) And then we spent the 4th of July up in Montreal – which was just weird – I kept forgetting I was in Canada and was wondering why no one was ‘celebrating’ hah.

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