Another Moving Update

Good Morning, Laura’s friends! GrammaMomma here, with a little more moving news for you.

Laura and Darren, with the lovable Diederick and Carly, are resting up this week with Darren’s family and friends in North Dakota. I believe Darren is planning on taking his little family to the church he attended for many years in Carson, ND, next Sunday, which is about three hours west of Jamestown, ND, their current location.

Darren is busy putting new shock absorbers on the truck, and making sure that all is ship shape with the vehicle. One idea Darren and Laura have that might prove exciting is for one of us here to drive to Billings, Montana (where the little family is headed to visit one of Darren’s sisters), a journey of about 14 hours duration, to pick up Laura and the children to bring them here more quickly. With the mountains to traverse, Darren is foreseeing a slow road ahead (poor guy!), and wants to spare Laura so much time in the vehicle with the little ones. Grampa Rick (or should I say GrampaPoppa) is ready to make the trip, so we’ll see what happens.

Now, just for fun, I’ll show you an old picture of Laura.

That’s Laura on the left, and her twin Sarah on the right. :)

5 Responses to “Another Moving Update”

  1. Marylin says:

    Glad to hear they’re well and safe! Sounds like a good idea to get Laura and the kidlets to their new home sooner, being on the road like that can’t be easy with two so young.
    What a cute pic!

    Marylin’s last blog post..A random forwarded email?

  2. O.k. I am SO SEEING the resemblance between Deeder (in particular) and Laura. :)

    Thanks for the update. :)

    Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)’s last blog post..I’m Blissfully Domestic!

  3. Burgh Baby says:

    Glad to hear they made it so far still intact. Have a great time in NoDak!

  4. Kathie says:

    That’s lovely that they’ll be spending a week with Darren’s family! Safe travels to Grampa Poppa, if he does make the journey to Billings.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Keep the updates coming! Glad to know everyone is safe and sound!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Here We Go Again

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