Calling All Angels

Grampa and Gramma Harr have their house filled top to bottom with little breakable animals. Diederick dreams of holding the miniatures. You can see it in his eyes.
On Saturday he discovered little candles in the box by the back door. My mother-in-law wasn’t there to tell him whether or not they were O.K. to touch, so he brought them out.
Out of the wood box and paper bag they came. Diederick lined them all up, then sat back and admired his handiwork. All afternoon and through until dinner time he played with angels.
Watching him, I thought how typical this behavior is for his age: needing to touch and handle small things. Gramma Harr has a corner full of toys for Deeder, but he’d rather have the angels.
(Typed up by GrammaMomma, from the hand-written notes Laura mailed to me.)

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