Messing With Nature

Remember Deeder’s friend Stone? Deeder used to sit next to Stone with his arm around the little black dog, talking as if Stone weren’t made of ceramic.
While watching my son play outdoors the other day, I was reminded of Stone. Deeder was riding and rearranging Grampa’s lawn ornaments. My father-in-law adorns his little spot of green out front with deer, cows, birds and a water pump thing with a lattice. Deeder rides the deer and moves around anything that he can carry.
Is he perhaps wondering why these farm animals don’t moo and cock-a-doodle-do and why the forest folk (deer and birds) don’t flee from sight? Or has Stone shown him that animals need not move? Then again, why mess with it? Maybe he’s just enjoying what’s here, and having fun with it.
He’s a little boy with enough imagination to bring Stone and Grampa’s lawn ornaments to life.

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