Save the Date

There are tidbits in time that I hold still continually wishing to remember so that I can write on them. One of those tidbits is the time my sister married her Justin and my grandpa and grandma came from California. I took pictures but missed the wedding. I want to write about it tonight, for now I’ll put up the pictures that I snapped at the rehearsal, click here to see.

OK, I know I wont write about it again, so here’s a little of the story…

I felt really sick–like pukey and cold so I had to go to bed just hoping I’d be well enough for the wedding. Saturday morning I woke up nearly unable to talk and with an annoying tickle in my throat.

Kayla took Sarah and my mom’s sister to go get their hair done then dropped them off at the church.

Family photos started by the schedule at 1pm, we made it to the church for that. Sarah wanted to have me stand next to her for a picture and all of us were supposed to stand with the groom and bride in a big group snap. Diederick wasn’t cooperative on the whole family picture idea so we’ll just have to imagine him in when the pack of pictures comes back.

Carly, although not written into the program, started singing in her famous high trilly voice right as everyone was supposed to be turning to see Aunt Sarah come.

Hmm…OK. Not true, Carly and I didn’t see anything at all–not my dad walking Sarah up to the alter, or the exchange of vows.

The truth is that Carly started crying as soon as we were directed where to sit at which point I had to take the baby out.

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